Ottawa Ghosts: Ouija Board Opens Gateway

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jackie on July 30, 2014:

“We have a family home on the outside of Ottawa in a little town named Osgoode. A long time ago when I was 12 we had this stupid idea to use a ouija board. They sell it at Toys R Us, but seriously it’s not a game. Plus the fact that we did contact with a ghost named Nancy that had a car accident, and we did test how it feels to move the glass. And when its pretty much moving itself this happened! Weird thing is that it started to happen after that day, and I don’t think it was a ghost.

Ever since then I was sleeping on the couch facing the back of the couch. One night I woke up very cold and felt someone behind me playing with my hair. I was frozen, I could not move for a good minute. Terrified, I finally broke free and ran to my mother’s room.

A few months later we started seeing a person in the corner of our eye standing at the hall way where the kitchen meets the living room. Everyone saw this at one point, but once you turn your head nothing was there.

The next year, I had my mattress on the ground in my mother’s room. I was just sleeping like always then all of a sudden my bed started convulsing like crazy then stopped, then started again then stopped then started one more time. If you press your thumb down on your arm and slowly slide it down to the palm of your hand, I felt that exact feeling going down my legs down to my feet. I jumped right in my mother’s bed … trying to sleep I could hear noises downstairs. Not to mention the little things that would disappear and reappear.

A month later I’m lying in my bed, then suddenly it felt warm and safe. My bed went down like someone sat down but no one was there. And it felt like someone was stroking my hair gently. I actually wasn’t scared. It reminded me of my grandpa that has passed.

Things started to calm down for a while. I moved out to many places. I’m 24 now with a baby and thought it had calmed down.

I live in a duplex in Brockville and a few days after being there I was getting up and ready to leave at 5 am. Everyone was sleeping. I was making a sandwich and as clear as day someone whispered my name directly in my ear which FREAKED ME OUT. So I just left.

Later that day on my drive home I was on the phone with my sister, windows up and radio off she randomly asked “who’s with you?” I said no one she then said ” I have been hearing someone trying to talk to you this entire conversation”.

Not to talk about weird noises in the kitchen.

Then it gets weirder, we were all in bed sleeping and my 15 month-old was in her crib in her room. Around 12 am my boyfriend wakes up freaking out “where’s Tessa??” I said “she’s sleeping, go back to bed”. Then I SWEAR at 1:30 I woke up to footsteps. Slowly opening my eyes I see the dog on the bed and my boyfriend beside me. I fully open them and I see a full shadow (like someone standing in the dark) of a kid exactly Tessa’s size look at me then run out of the room …. I run to Tessa’s room and she was fast asleep.

The next day I saged the entire house and haven’t had any incidents yet, and hopefully never will again …”

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