Shelton Ghosts: EVP Brings Shadow Man

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*The story below has also been featured in the above video*


Location: Shelton, Washington, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Rae on Aug 5, 2014:

“My children and I had just watched a movie about EVP’s. My youngest son turned on a recorder to see if it would work. He was saying funny things like, “Are you there ghost? Say something. I know you can,” and repeated it several times. He turned it on to listen to it and a sinister voice was laughing and said, “who is that, your mommy?” We all stared at the couch where he was sitting because it was so loud as tho he was sitting in my son’s lap. We got scared and threw the recorder away.

Later that night, a dark shadow man with a cloak entered my oldest son’s room, acting as tho he was looking for something or some one. My son pretended he was asleep, watching him. The dark shadow man started to walk out of the room, and my son started to ask, “who are you?” The shadow man turned his head and his eyes turned red and he zoomed out into the hallway.

My son got up to see where he was going and it went into my room when I was just about to get into bed. The shadow man mimicked my daughter’s voice, saying, “mom”, to get my attention. I thought it was strange because she was in another state, Missouri, visiting her dad. So I turned to face what I then had seen the scariest tall, black shadow man, wearing a hooded cloak, zooming up to me very fast, not taking steps, and pushed me down, pinning me with his hand on my shoulder. He then turned his eyes red like two flashlights. I tried desperately to look away so my eyes weren’t meeting his. He was so strong, I couldn’t move and started to go into shock. I heard my oldest son yelling, “Mom!” I yelled, ” Turn the light on! Turn the light on!” My son turned on the light, and the Shadow man ran through the wall and down the hallway. My son said, “Leave all the lights on, they don’t want to be seen!” We had recently switched rooms and my son said, “Mom, I watched him looking around in the room as tho he couldn’t find what he was looking for, I think he was looking for you”.

My four kids and I moved out of the house very fast, and had not had a problem since. For two years after, I could feel the chilling pain on my shoulder where the shadow man pinned me down with his hand.”

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