Edmonton Ghosts: It Was Looking In At Us

Edmonton ghosts haunted paranormal Alberta Canada

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ghost report from Crystal on April 29, 2014:

“I wanted to share another personal experience story, it gives me shivers just remembering it. My mom and step dad bought a house in the early 90’s, near Yellowhead Trail in Edmonton. I would go to visit for dinner and felt scared every time I set foot there. Every family member and friend that spent time at this house has a story about it.

It was my 13th birthday, my mom and step dad threw me a BBQ birthday party. And my sister and I, though a little scared, decided that we would sleep over at mom’s together as long as we shared a bed. The entire time mom lived here my sis and I would stay together only. I remember the party being outside and every time I had to go into the house I would run in, then back outside as quick as I could, feeling like someone was watching me.

After the party we watched a movie before bed. While watching the movie we all heard a bang in the kitchen. Upon investigation we saw that the lid to the garbage had fallen off. We brushed it off. Then my sis and I went to bed, shutting the door all the way cause we felt like someone was watching us. I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason and saw that the door was open a little. Then I saw it open wider and a figure that looked like my mom, tall with brown hair and glasses was looking in. “Mom”? I called. No answer, and the figure still just stared right at me. I could see through it, though it really looked like mom.

I shook my sister awake and whispered for her to look at the door. She did and called “Mom?” Still no answer, we were so scared we both screamed out “MOM, MOM” ..

Then my mom finally came rushing in asking what was wrong. We asked her if she was peeking in at us. She told us she was sleeping until she heard us scream. So we told her what we had seen and she wasn’t surprised at all and explained she has seen similar things, but not to worry, it’s just checking on us and next time we see something like that to just tell it to go away. This happened for as long as mom lived there to us, and anyone who stayed.

Even seven years later I stayed there with my boyfriend, he and I had seen the same. Doors opening just a crack with someone looking at us and the closet doors doing the same.

Thanks for reading my about my experience. I have many more to tell……”

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