Durham Ghosts: Visited By Deceased Relatives


Location: Durham city, Durham county, England, UK

The following report was sent into our website by Connor on May 3, 2014:

“Ever since I was a young child I have always had connections to the paranormal. All experiences came with a variety of feelings, whether they be negative or positive. I’ve always been open minded and I never easily jump to the conclusion that paranormal activity occurred without fully investigating the circumstances at the time. So lets start with the beginning, my first known ‘paranormal encounter’.

When I was younger (the age 2-3) I was looked after by my Grandmother during the week days since my mother worked the 8am-half 4pm shift. During our various ventures out we would always make sure that we concluded our outings with a visit to my great-grandma Mary’s bungalow. Since I was only young I have very few vivid memories of me being there. Just about the only thing I remember was the fact that we always brought a fish pie from the corner shop on our way there since it was my Great-Grandma’s favourite.

However recently I was told that on a few occasions I would stand talking to an elderly woman in the hallway to the kitchen. My grandma would often ask me who I was talking to and I would simply say ‘the old lady’, I would point to the kitchen but there was no one there… and to make things worse I appeared to be scared of her (as a child my age would be). My grandma asked me to describe the woman standing in the hall way and the description I gave remarkably described the appearance of my great-aunt Dot, who had died just after I was born — meaning I only ever saw her once.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking, he was only a small boy and he was probably just making it up. But since I can’t remember these events, nor was I aware that ghosts existed at the time, I can neither confirm or deny that there was anything there.

The next most appropriate story to tell was the strange events leading up to the death of my Great-Grandma Mary. Since the events of the last story my great-grandma had fallen very mentally ill with a case of dementia, so we resorted to putting her into a nursing home where we felt she could be provided with the needs she needed to live a ‘normal’ life.

One night I was staying at my Grandma’s old cottage when I was suddenly woken by a presence in the middle of the night. The atmosphere was dense and I felt a strong sense of fear. Then I saw it, a dark silhouette of a man. The only way I can describe it was that it was a solid black object, shadow looking but 3D, yet he had no facial features. In this room we had a spare single bed. The shadow figure walked over to the bed and bent over and started making the actions as if he was tucking in a child. He then walked over to the window, and then looked at me and vanished. This was possibly the worst paranormal experience I’ve had since it left me terrified of being alone in the dark, something that didn’t bother me at all before. This repeated several times until the night of the 29th of January, when my Great-Grandma sadly passed. I’ve always found it to be a strange coincidence that she died the night before my cousin’s birthday and two nights before my mother’s.

The next story is slightly more humorous. Again in my grandma’s cottage I was lying in bed when suddenly the farting machine went off. This machine was a small speaker device that came with a remote which when a button was pressed, a farting noise would be made for a practical joke. We bought it as a joke for my Grandad’s birthday the previous year. Suddenly, this device which started going off down stairs inside the cabinet repeatable, so we all found it amusing. My grandad went and turned the device off by the switch and went back to bed. Then around 5 minutes later, the device started going off again, not only was the button not being pressed but the device was off. So my granddad, now feeling slightly frustrated, went down stairs and removed the batteries from the device. This is where it started to get really odd; the device was still working and was going off repeatedly for the next half hour before stopping for the rest of the night.

The next morning we tested to see if the device worked, and to our disbelief, after we inserted the batteries it did!

More recently me and my brother were down my dad’s army camp in Catterick garrison. He’s currently living in a small flat within the barracks with the other sergeants, some of which I have befriended over the years. Any way this one night me and my brother decided to go snooping around to the restricted areas of the property, since a door had been left open to the sergeants mess (canteen) which we hadn’t been to before. So we decided to film it as we thought it might be haunted given its age. So we entered the sergeants mess and slowly approached the kitchen door, however to our shock and amazement, two loud knocks on the door were heard. Obviously me and my brother both looked at each other in amazement, wondering weather it was the either of us. So I quickly entered the kitchen behind the door and there was no one there! The place was absolutely empty and even though it was a windy night there was no draft. Also I tried to recreate the sound without knocking on the door and it couldn’t be done. I actually have video evidence to support this.

Finally to conclude my story I just wanted to mention some of the strange things that happened after the recent events of the death of my step-grandad Joe, who I loved dearly. I was at my Grandma’s again when I got the call to say he’d died, I was understandably shocked, and went into the bathroom for half an hour before asking to be taken home for some time to myself since my mother was at work. Once I got home I cried and cried, I felt so empty inside and I started talking to myself telling him that I loved him and that I wished that I had been given the chance to say goodbye. For some reason I knew he was listening which was why I was saying all these personal things. However when I was crying in the bathroom, I was sitting at the far end of the bath near the door, and the light house ornament rocked (this was on the opposite side and corner of the bath and there was no way I could have knocked it since I was stationary). The only way I can explain this event was that it was his way of him letting me know he was okay. Then the day before my birthday, a few months later, I was over my step mother’s watching TV when suddenly I got a scent which instantly reminded me of him, for no apparent reason at all, no one walked past and there was no one around, I think this was him saying ‘happy birthday kidda’ like he would have done if he was with me now.

Throughout my short life I have been given the privilege to believe that there is life after death and also that the story goes on forever. Just because science doesn’t explain it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It simply means that there are forces out there that we cannot be aware of until we are faced with the time ourselves. If you have read this article the whole way through thanks for taking the time to look into my personal experiences. There are others but these are the ones that I feel are the most personal to me.”

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