Peterborough Ghosts: A Figure Sitting in the Recliner Chair

Location: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Randy on April 29, 2014:

“The year was 1988 and my friend Brent, his sister Brandy and myself were going to his grandma’s house for the weekend; as she was away and allowed us to stay there. She lived on a large forested lot backing onto the Trent water way. When you walk in the front door you’re in the TV room. Past that is the kitchen,
then the back room with pool table and sliding glass doors to the back yard.

Brent and I were playing pool around midnight and Brandy was watching us. I went into the kitchen to get a beer. Walking out I looked to the right at the TV room, which was dark, and saw a figure sitting in the recliner chair. I said, “Brent what are you doing?”, with no response. I said, “Brent what are you do–“, at that moment I heard Brent say, “who you talking to?” He was still at the pool table. I looked back at the chair and the figure was gone. I told Brent what I thought I saw in the chair. Brent replied “that was my grandpa’s chair”. He died earlier that year. All three of us shared the bed that night.”

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