True Ghost Story: It Sat At The Foot Of My Bed

Location: Lockport, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Muchelle on Jan 5, 2014:

“I moved to Lockport in November 2006 after I married. My daughter was 14 and my son 5 yrs old. We also had a 7 yr old huskey (smart dog). It was a real nice home, which was used as a show home for new condos. The home was owned and rented by a couple of business owners. Both husband and wife were involved in the responsibilities of the home, but only she showed me the home before rental.

It was a two bedroom but we learned how to make do with what we had. I don’t remember when things started, but I do know I took notice after my husband was diagnosed with cancer. During this period of a year or so, many strange happenings.

I started to feel uncomfortable in the basement where we wanted to put my daughter’s bedroom for privacy. We started to make a room, with building a frame and buying drywall. Well we didn’t finish the room because it was just creepy. Now I know what the landlady was talking about when she said she wouldn’t go down there. In the basement, it looked like someone had torn out a complete suite with bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room with a small rec off to the side. Anyways, the laundrette room had washer and dryer, longer type room where you had to walk pass washer and furnace to the dryer. Above the dryer hung a side-rail of a baby crib. I never wanted to take it down cause it felt like I was messing with something evil.

Many months went by, and I was living in the new home and happily married. I didn’t take any notice of strange things. Eventually these things happened. Seen 2 small figures running back and forth as if two children playing in my kids bedroom. Happy but strange feeling.

As one night I was on the phone with my girlfriend, I felt someone poke me in the butt… Turned around to find no one, not even the dog.

Sitting on the back stairwell to the basement with my husband, heard the kids calling “mom” went to go ask what they wanted, and both said neither one called me, both sitting in living room together.

Very spooky at night… I would wake a lot of mornings by 3am and caught on quickly not to get out of bed, not even to washroom. A few times while sleeping, I could hear someone walking along my bed, along side the wall, perhaps dragging finger tips along. One night, that thing sat at the foot of my bed, not that I seen it, but I felt it!

One weekend night my daughter was on the computer and the rest of us in bed. She came into my room about 2:30am calling my son’s name. She said she seen him walk into our room and he was known for sleep walking.

One time during the day, my dog and I were the only ones home. Dog was asleep and then got up, freaking out. He doesn’t like fireworks, guns or anything that makes loud noises. A few minutes after the dog freaked out, one of my sons toy bombs went off.

Twice while in the basement putting laundry into the dryer, I was touched. Once softly along the side of my face. Another time, gently between my shoulders. But that hand was so big, I didn’t go back down to do laundry for 3 weeks.

We moved out while my husband was still going through treatments and he was given a clear bill of health a year later. Does this story not relate to the Haunting in Connecticut? A long with the cancer sickness and strange happenings? Well that’s my story. House still stands, and I want to soo much go back and do my own investigating. “

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