True Ghost Story: The Moving Painting

Location: Taylorville, Illinois, USA

The following report was sent into our website by David on Dec 31, 2013:

“I walked upstairs to a two bedroom area, then walked into my brother’s room very briefly. And as I made my first step back, I heard a screech. I thought it was the floor creaking. I tested it, and it wasn’t the floor. Then I thought it was the cat hissing. At the time, it was night and dark in the rooms. I couldn’t find the cat, but as I got closer to the painting, I started hearing the noise louder and clearer. I looked up and saw the painting swaying side to side on the wall, making a scraping noise against it. I waited for a good amount of time before I stopped it from moving. It didn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down to stop moving, and It was moving at a persistent low speed of motion.

I swear it wasn’t already moving as I walked by it, or that I bumped into it on my way by. I’m sure I didn’t walk by it with enough speed to throw it into motion. I tested it after that, and it didn’t seem to sway in the same way it did before. I figured that I pushed it back against the wall when I stopped it from moving. So I pull it away from the wall a little, and it swayed a little bit more freely, but barely made a scraping noise. That’s when I got my brother to help me make this video:

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