True Ghost Story: We Will Kill You

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Brittany on May 16, 2013:

“These events occurred when my mother, sister and I lived in a large house on Snowdon Ave. My sister and I had our very own rooms right next to each other and my moms was adjacent to the washroom. All of our bedrooms were on the second level of the house, and for some odd reason my mom wouldn’t sleep in her bedroom. She would always sleep with my sister or myself. Being little girls this didnt bother us in anyway, but rather sparked our curiosity as to why mom, who is an adult, is afraid of her own bedroom with a walk-in closet no less. So it eventually became the norm at night and that was fine.

So shortly afterward my Aunt came to stay with us as she had fallen on hard times. One night my mom crawled into my bed and my Aunt into my sister’s (my aunt is a very petite woman) and we all fell asleep. Shortly after I woke to my mom whispering down the stairs to my aunty who was apparently in the kitchen. She said “pssst, Danielle don’t leave the fridge door open and put the bread away!” My aunty replied. But to my mom’s shock she was still in my sister’s bedroom next door. So my mom asked “well who’s downstairs?!” My aunt ran to the stairs to see the kitchen, and the fridge door slammed shut and being all girls in the house no one went down to investigate.

I remember my sister and I would play in my mom’s room during the day, swinging on the bars in her closet. Until we both saw a large shadow of a lady wearing what we described as a funny hat. She walked right from one end of the room to the window, then the shadow was gone. We ran down to the kitchen to tell my mom and my aunt.. and all she said is “I know”. “Well who is she?” I asked. My mom said she was a lady that likes her bedroom and doesn’t want anyone in it. I said “ok but WHY?” Mom said to never mind and just dont play in there. So my sister and I went out in the yard to play when we heard my aunt scream to stop it! We ran inside to see what was wrong and every cupboard door and drawers were open.

That winter there was a severe winter storm, known to Winnipegers as the Storm of 97′. And my mother was acting strange. She was sitting looking out the living room window and insisted my Aunt go and get the newspaper. Of course my aunt was reluctant, it was one awful storm. But my mom was almost in tears so she did. My mom tore open the paper frantically looking for something and then she found it. My great-grandmother had just passed away the day before and no one had informed us. How my mom knew I do not know.

The last straw was when we got a letter underneath our side door.. it read: “we are the owners of this house, we don’t like you and want you out. If you do not leave we will kill you”. Thinking it was a really mean prank my mom called the cops. But that very same day my Aunt fell down a flight of stairs going into the basement and insists to this day she was shoved. We all heard her fall.

Also there was a frantic shadow in my mom’s room. We shut the door and pretended it didn’t happen. We moved out about 2 weeks later or so.

Now that I am older my mom finally told me what really happened there. Apparently that large shadow we’ve all seen was a lady that used to live there in the forties. Her own sister had stabbed her to death due to an undiagnosed mental disorder.. thinking she was the devil. The large lady then crawled bleeding into her closet to die. Shortly after her death, the house was purchased by a man and his wife. The man believed the woman to be cheating with women, so he shot her ‘execution style’ and buried the body in the basement. After that many people have lived there and I have no idea if anything happened to them. We were just little girls at the time so it wasn’t that bad.

My sister had an imaginary friend named Stacy and she would only talk to her sitting in the closet. One day she said “I want to play with my sister now “, and we never heard about Stacy again.”

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