True Ghost Story: Someone Sat On My Bed

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Brittany on May 16, 2013:

“These events took place when my mom had made a snap decision to move closer to my grandmother who was 52 at that time. Out of pure luck we got an apartment right next door to my grandma. It was only a two bedroom so my mom compromised a bedroom so my sister and I could have our own rooms. Being the older sister I picked the room that would have been the master and my sister got the small one right next door to mine. My mom slept on the couch in the living room. Nothing really happened at first. I had fun knowing my grandmother was next door as we were very close. I had this habit of listening to music when I slept, just on a portable cd player so that I wouldn’t hear scary ” apartment noises ” when i tried to sleep.

Well one particular night, I remember it very clearly as it was my last day in elementary school and all my papers were scattered on my floor around my bed. I went to bed a little earlier that night, tired out from a soccer game I had. I didn’t put music on because I could hear my mom and sister talking in the living room, so that comforted me. I closed my eyes and I heard rustling of papers on my floor. My first thought was oh no a mouse! I am terrified of mice. So the rustling got a little louder. I was facing the wall next to my bed, I was a little frightened. It wasnt until I felt someone sit on my bed as if they were hunched over going through my papers.. whoever was sitting there was heavy because the bed was sunk in. That’s when I lost it, I banged on the wall and screamed for my mom. She came running and turned the light on. I was crying and scared. I told her what happened and that it felt very real. She assumed it was a bad dream of course.

So for about a month I would not go in my room. I would sleep in my sisters bed. I didn’t care that I was 12 years old and acting like a big baby. I eventually put it out of my mind and slept in my own room exactly one month later. That never happened to me again. Although my music got turned up really loud in the middle of the night and woke me up. About 2 months later was the saddest day of my life. I found my grandmother dead next door. I cried myself to sleep next to her cold body until paramedics arrived. After that I wasn’t the same for awhile. My mother of course decided it was too painful to live next door to where my grandmother had passed away, so we moved yet again across the complex to a different block.

My grandfather’s nephew actually ended up renting our old apartment (unbeknownst to us at the time). My grandfather came to my mom one day and asked her about my old bedroom. She didn’t say what happened to me, as she wanted to see why he was inquiring about it. He said well because my nephew’s 2 year old daughter refuses to go in there. She’ll just stand in the doorway and point to her toys she wants”. My mom said she got a chill and began to tell him of my experience. He said that was odd because his nephew had decided his family could no longer stay in the apartment and decided to move. He refused to say why. I found that weird because our family of three had lived there for 4 years straight and did not get so spooked we couldn’t handle it. I still wonder to this day who it was that sat on my bed and rustled through my papers.”

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