Garden City Road in British Columbia – Haunted British Columbia Database

Location: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Type: road
Built: n/a

The following report was sent into our website by Jane on May 22, 2013:

“This happened approx 10 yrs ago. My mom and I were driving home heading north on Garden City Road. I think this happened just north of Westminster highway? On the right hand side of the road we both noticed a man in white pants and what looked like a white wind breaker with some small areas of blue or purple. My mom actually tapped the breaks to slow down for him, but as we passed he sort of disappeared into a white vapor. My mom and I were both silent for approx 1 min. Then I looked at her and said “you saw that right?!” She just said, “yes I sure did”.

I had forgotten about this over the years, just thought I’d share in case anyone else has seen this same thing? Thanks.”

If you have experienced any activity on Garden City Road, or at any other location anywhere else in the world, please tell us about it here