Muskowewkwan Ghosts: The Girl With Long Black Hair

Location: Muskowewkwan (First Nation Reserve)SaskatchewanCanada

Ghost report by Jenna on May 10, 2013:

“So this one day when me and my brother at home by ourselves, we were young at the time, and my older siblings went to go to the store. We heard a door open and slam. So me and my brother went to go hide in the closet in our living room closet thinking we were going to scare our older siblings. But turned out nobody was there.

Another day my sister was suppose to be downstairs and it was breakfast time so my dad told me to go get her. So I did and I thought i saw her run around the corner with her long black hair. So I ran and followed her but nobody was there.

We called an Elder to bless our house, and he said there was a girl who stayed there to protect us and our house.”

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