True Ghost Story: She Was Watching Me

Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Christelle on April 4, 2013:

“I was working one night at my job doing housekeeping. One night when the building was closed, I’ve got night shifts, my supervisor told me my co-worker was sick and I had to clean up the woman’s bathrooms. I didn’t think much because I love cleaning the bathrooms, but staying alone in the building I’ve notice an eerie feeling. I would feel heavy, sick and somehow I would always see from the corner of my eye, a man walking by wearing a grey suit. I would always think it was my imagination and that since I haven’t worked night shifts in a long time, that I was possibly hallucinating. That night was different. Cleaning one of the stalls, I walked out of one and turning into the next, bending to clean the next toilet, I could see from the corner of my eye what looks like a woman peeking her head down looking at what I was doing. Her features weren’t as clear, but all I could “see” was that she had long or possible medium length black hair (stall could of possibly covered most of her hair, and she was pale!). When I looked back up she was gone. I shook it off and went through the night like nothing happened.

A few days later, and more unwanted feeling of heaviness later, my co-workers and I were talking and the subject of ghost came up. My co-worker (in which I replaced that night) told me how 3 years ago when the land was being cleared away for the building (in which I work in), the construction workers and contractors found the corpse of a woman. I got scared and asked if they knew who that woman was. Nobody knows to this day who that was.

People say that they see a woman walking from stall to stall, possibly where she was found, and that she travels to the hotel on the 4th floor. I’ll admit I’m now super scare to work where I’m at, but as of now I’ll be a little on my guard when I walk in those bathrooms.”

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