True Ghost Story: She Was Watching Me

Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Christelle on April 4, 2013:

“I was working one night at my job doing housekeeping. One night when the building was closed, I’ve got night shifts, my supervisor told me my co-worker was sick and I had to clean up the woman’s bathrooms. I didn’t think much because I love cleaning the bathrooms, but staying alone in the building I’ve notice an eerie feeling. I would feel heavy, sick and somehow I would always see from the corner of my eye, a man walking by wearing a grey suit. I would always think it was my imagination and that since I haven’t worked night shifts in a long time, that I was possibly hallucinating. That night was different. Cleaning one of the stalls, I walked out of one and turning into the next, bending to clean the next toilet, I could see from the corner of my eye what looks like a woman peeking her head down looking at what I was doing. Her features weren’t as clear, but all I could “see” was that she had long or possible medium length black hair (stall could of possibly covered most of her hair, and she was pale!). When I looked back up she was gone. I shook it off and went through the night like nothing happened.

A few days later, and more unwanted feeling of heaviness later, my co-workers and I were talking and the subject of ghost came up. My co-worker (in which I replaced that night) told me how 3 years ago when the land was being cleared away for the building (in which I work in), the construction workers and contractors found the corpse of a woman. I got scared and asked if they knew who that woman was. Nobody knows to this day who that was.

People say that they see a woman walking from stall to stall, possibly where she was found, and that she travels to the hotel on the 4th floor. I’ll admit I’m now super scare to work where I’m at, but as of now I’ll be a little on my guard when I walk in those bathrooms.”

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True Ghost Story: The Red Room

Location: Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Taylor on Feb 20, 2013:

“My grandmother lives in an old 10 bedroom house from the turn of the century (early 1900’s), and I’m unclear as to whether or not anyone has died there. But I have seen the same apparition on a couple different occasions in the house.

There is a room on the second floor which my cousins and I call the ‘red room’ because before we were born my grandparents had bright red carpeting put in the room. When we were kids the room wasn’t slept in, it was only used for storage but we loved to play in there. When I was a teenager the room got cleaned out and we started sleeping in it while we were there. One night my cousin and I were sleeping in the room and I woke up in a panic. And for some reason even though it was summer I was cold. And when I sat up in bed I saw in the corner, sitting on a pile of boxes, what I thought was another cousin of mine who was staying there with us but sleeping in another room. I was wondering why he was just sitting there watching us sleep. So I said his name and asked him what he was doing. He never answered so I repeated his name louder, thinking maybe he’d fallen asleep there. My cousin who was sleeping beside me woke up then, and also started to say his name. Suddenly he got up and walked across the room into the closet. Thinking he was playing a prank, we got out of bed and flicked on the light. We were both terrified when we checked the closet and he wasn’t in there.

Again a few years later my grandma had taken on some boarders who were renting the rooms that weren’t being used. So I rented the ‘red room’ and for privacy’s sake I would lock my door at night. The same thing as before happened. I awoke with a gasp and shot upright in bed. The room was cold (it was winter this time though, so not unusual), seeing the same figure who I’d again thought was my male cousin. Since I’d fallen asleep rather early while watching a movie it wasn’t impossible that I’d forgotten to lock my door and he’d come in. I called out to him but he did the same thing, said nothing, just walked across the room and into the closet. Because I had told him about what my cousin and I had seen a few years earlier I thought maybe he was pranking me. So I got up and turned on the
light. Nothing in the closet except my clothes. I was really freaked out so I went to go downstairs, but my door had been locked the whole time!

I’m 21 now and still don’t feel right sleeping in that room.”

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True Ghost Story: Nobody Was At The Door

Location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Hilarie on May 14, 2012:

“Last Saturday I arrived to my apartment after a nice day away with my family. My boyfriend wasn’t home and was with his family, so I was home alone. I took advantage of this and did my girly things, like paint my nails. I then decided to have a shower. While I was in the shower I just put conditioner in my hair when the water turned off suddenly. I immediately got out of the shower and left the bathroom, I was frightened. I walked in to the kitchen area and just kind of stood there, listening. I felt like I was being watched but all the blinds were closed. I walked over to the fridge to grab a drink of water to calm myself.

There was a knock at the door. Which was odd as I live in an apartment over someone’s garage. The landlords were not home either. And the only way to knock on the inside door would be to get in through the outside door, which was locked.

I was startled and just in a towel with conditioner in my hair. I went to answer the door. I opened the door and no one was there. And the outside door was still locked. As I went to shut my door and lock it the shower turned back on again. Full blast and scalding hot… I could see the steam coming out of the bathroom.

I grabbed my phone and called my mother. Conveniently she lives just down the road. She came over so I could finish my shower without being afraid.

I don’t know what happened? I am scared it was a ghost playing tricks on me. I asked my landlord if something was wrong with the water, or if they knocked on the door. They answered no to both. I just recently moved here too, about 3 weeks ago.”

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True Ghost Story: Was That Real Enough For You?

Location: Moncton, New BrunswickCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Nick on Feb 1, 2011:

“Since we first moved into this house in 2009 I’ve had a weird feeling like I was being watched. Eventually I started to get a little paranoid. Until one day I got fed up and decided to challenge this entity to show itself or do something to prove it was real and not just my imagination. About an hour after stating my challenge and nothing happening I decided to go to sleep. No sooner did I lay down did my head start to hurt a lot and soon the pain spread throughout my body. I remember not having control of my own limbs and somehow wandered into my mother’s room where I got a look in the mirror. I was shaking and pale as death itself. Not only that but there was another person’s reflection over mine. Now this is where it gets weird, all of a sudden I was back to normal and went back to my room. When I got there the entity who’s reflection I saw over mine was standing in the middle of the room. He simply looked at me and said “was that real enough for you?” softly laughed to him self then vanished. I can still feel his presence and weird stuff still goes on, but I’ll never challenge an entity again.”

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True Ghost Story: Get Out

Location: Moncton, New BrunswickCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Jodie on Oct 31, 2010:

“Well it started a little while ago while me and my boyfriend were staying with my mother. It didn’t personally seem as if the apartment itself was haunted. It felt as if something was actually following me and my boyfriend personally. At night time he would see shadows covering the hallway light. It stood in front of my door, just staring at us through the doorway until my boyfriend turned on the light. He left at 3am that morning and didn’t come back for a very long time. when he did it seemed he only felt it at my mom’s except the last time was different. It went from hearing footsteps and noises to something completely changing everything. As I walked into my mother’s room after a shower to brush my hair, my boyfriend was on the upper floor in my bedroom when he heard something say “get out”. At the same time I felt something brush up behind me. My cat was in the bedroom with my boyfriend and he jumped off the windowsill and ran to my mom’s room and sat there and growled at what would be a person standing behind me. But nothing was there. My boyfriend said my mom’s room felt cold. He wouldn’t even go through the door, he stood in the door way just looking at me. And that’s when I noticed the cross I wore around my neck for the past 2 years without ever being taken off wasn’t there and then there it was hanging in front of me on the mirror. I felt as if something was holding me in that spot, I couldn’t walk out of the room until my boyfriend yelled at me. we have not stayed at my mother’s since.

We reached out to a physic and what we were told was that it was involving our past. Me and my boyfriend both have a previous ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend who killed themselves. And that the spirits weren’t there to hurt us. It was as if my ex-boyfriend was there to protect me and his ex-girlfriend was there to protect him. And that when there was negativity between me and my boyfriend that they acted out in the manner.

To this day me and my boyfriend have moved twice and we still feel something strong around us. When we walked into my mother’s home my boyfriend is a total different person, his mood changes, he gets mean and aggravated and he can only stay there for a maxium of 15 minutes before he has to leave. I have not once in the 5 years that my mother has lived there stayed a night alone nor have I slept in a bed alone because of the feeling of something watching me 24/7. And it has been said that when these places were first build a little girl was killed by her mother in one of the townhouses but which one is still unknown. So to this day I don’t know whether to say there is something following me and my boyfriend or the fact there’s something haunting my mother’s. Because I am now getting ready to give birth to a little girl and it seemed while staying with my mom the activity was worse when I became pregnant, more aggresive more mean. Something that didn’t want us living there or didn’t want a new baby to be brought into the house. All I can say is 5 years later it’s still happening.”

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Riverview Ghosts: Aunt Pays a Visit

Location: Riverview, New BrunswickCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Kayla on Sept 26, 2010:

“It was six years ago when my parents first bought the house. The couple that lived in it before were from England. All the experiences only happened to me. After we moved in my upstairs bedroom in the middle of the night in the corner of my room glowed green. Several nights later I could see apparitions and stuff being misplaced. Ok I thought, odd even though there is Wiccan in my family background I knew these presents would not harm. They only helped me when needed, if I lost something or if something was bothering. But the night that frightened me the most was when I woke and saw a ghost that looked like me but in victorian style clothing. I called my grandmother who lives in Nova Scotia at the time, what I saw was my great aunt from the 1800’s. After that I never saw that spirit again. But the last incident before I moved out of my parents place was that I had my friends over and we saw black orbs, something paranormal with red eyes and hearing strange noises and stuff moving. I freaked out and so did my friends.”

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