True Ghost Story: The Little White Hand

Location: Canwood, Saskatchewan, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Amanda on April 23, 2013:

“When I was a young girl around 11-years-old, my parents went to the city, so just me and my sister who is 5 years older than me were home alone. I was coloring on the table and my sister told me she was going to go upstairs, and I sat in the kitchen still coloring on the table. Then outta nowhere I felt this soft rub on my back. I thought to myself “my sister went upstairs and I’m down here alone!” So I looked into the patio door window and I could see just a little white hand on my back, just like it was rubbing my back. I froze and got up very slowly and ran up to my sister and freaked out. We tried calling my aunties and uncle’s but the phone wouldn’t work. We tried like 3 times, then we got through.

But as I grew up to be around 7-11, I always remember when I would go to bed I would see this little white hand just crawling on the ceiling or moving the socks and jackets in the closet. I have no idea what it wanted or why I kept seeing that little hand.

I remember the last time I seen it too, because every time I would see it at night when I am laying in bed it would seem to be waving at me. Then the last time I just layed there and watched it. And I SWEAR what I did was just wave back at it. And I never saw it again!!

As I grew up I would think about it, and wondered if it was an angel or something. Because as I grew up I battled with my asthma, was very sick in The Holy Family Hospital, they thought I wouldn’t make it.

I thought I would share my ghost story and hope you enjoy it!!”

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