True Ghost Story: Lamp Flew Across The Basement

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Tobey on March 22, 2013:

“We moved in this house in 2004. It was old but kept up pretty good. It was a decent size middle class house. It was in a picture perfect area of the city. It was a 3 story house with a fully finished basement. Myself, my brother, and my mother moved in and everything was running smooth. My mom and dad were seperated since 2000. My dad came upon hard times and came to stay with us for a few months till he got back on his feet. He stayed in the rec room. My brother, mother and myself stayed in the 3 rooms on the top floor of the house. He soon started to complain about an eerie feeling often, and a tense tension around the basement. He soon left to move in to his own place.

Then it was a couple years with no experiences at all. I was getting in to my late teens and decided to move my room into the rec room for a little more privacy – freedom. Almost every weekend I would have some buddys over for some beers and laughs. Around 2012 I started dating this girl and quite often would stay over for days at a time. She ended up staying basically the whole summer at my place with me and the family. Our room, of course, in the basement was very large and had it’s own bathroom and was large enough as a little apartment it seemed. Then things started happening, or we just started noticing them? We both would have that ‘eyes watching us’ feeling almost any given time of the day in the rec-room.

One night we both went to bed early enough, as we had plans of going to the mall and bbq the next day. My bed was in the far corner of the basement, and the stairs were on the opposite side. It was about 2 or 3 am, we both sat up in bed as it was fairly dark but we both seen a figure on the stairs looking across the room at as. We both were pretty scared, she would never sleep on the outside of the bed after that night.

Soon after we would see feet on the top couple of stairs coming down, then stop and go back up. This would happen almost every second night.

My girlfriend would always make me stay up till she fell asleep first. One night she shook me in a panic. I woke up and saw what she was seeing. A male figure just poking his head down the stairs just looking at us. Then with a blink of an eye it was like it was never there.

My girlfriend and myself both told my brother and his girlfriend about our creepy encounters, and my brother almost laughed it off it seemed. About a month later me and my girlfriend came back from dinner at my uncle’s and I was having some beers so I told my brother to have one with me. Him and his girlfriend came down to our room in the basement. It was the 4 of us down there just talking and laughing, having a pretty good time. My girlfriend was telling his girl about all the encounters, and I cracked a joke saying “no ghost scares me”. Then all of a sudden my big tall lamp flew across the basement at all 4 of us snapping into two pieces. Then all the lights went off in a snap of a finger. We all ran up stairs as fast as our legs would take us. My brother and his girlfriend were both so scared, and now of course believing what we have been trying to tell them this whole time.

Soon after that, me and my lady got our own place. But still when we go to my mom’s house every other week, we both have that same feeling and probably always will in that house/basement.”

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