True Ghost Story: Gunshots From The Spirit World

Location: Fort McMurray, AlbertaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Josh on Feb 4, 2013:

“My wife, son (18 Months old now) and I moved into an older duplex in Thickwood, Fort McMurray in the fall of 2012. My father was also living with us at the time. We always had minor “weird” things happen such at sensor light over the deck turning on when nothing is outside, or strange noises such as the stairs creaking, or bangs. But we have always contributed these to the house settling, or the bang to something not inside the house. We have always had strange feelings ever since we moved into this house. Like no matter how tight we locked the windows or doors, it always felt like someone else was there.

Recently, things have been happening more often and more clearly. Almost a month ago my wife woke up saying she heard what sounded like a gunshot, and the noise was very clear and close (inside the house or not far outside). So I got up as usual and done my tour of the house, checked on our son, looked out the window, and as always nothing was there. There are times I’m forced to do this multiple times a night. The noises are getting worse by the night. The stairs are creaking for a few seconds, then stopping as if someone is slowly walking up and down them over and over.

A few nights ago I was drifting off to sleep, half awake and half asleep, when the sound of a cupboard door slamming jarred me from my sleep. Right away I got up and done my normal tour of the house checking the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, out the windows, and my son before returning back to bed quite freaked out at this point.

Yesterday morning I awoke to do my normal routine of getting up and walking out to start mine and my wife’s trucks to allow them time to warm up, then head back to bed for 15 minutes or so while I take a short snooze. I wasn’t back in bed for 5 minutes when I heard the sound clear as day of someone lifting the lid on our washing machine and just letting it drop. Right away I got up and done my tour of the house and lets just say I never got my snooze that morning.

Yesterday evening I had been locked out of the house so I went across the alley to my landlord’s daughter to see if they had a key for the place. Upon returning the key I was chatting with her husband and told him how I believe the house may be haunted. He responded with a story of how not too long ago there was a girl that lived just up the street and used to babysit for a lot of people in the neighbourhood including the people that was living in his house at the time. I am not sure if she babysat for anyone in our home. While she was babysitting at that house she committed suicide, shot herself in the head. My landlords also own that house and they owned it at the time this happened and had came in after the fact to do some work to remove the bloodstains from the house. So I went home thinking about that yesterday evening, and went home and sat on my computer with my son on my lap. A while later one of his toys in his toy box started to make its sounds for no apparent reason and had been sitting in there for a number of hours. I got up and moved the toy, and later put my son to bed in his own room.

Later that night when my wife got home and we went to bed the stairs started creaking as usual, and then another toy started making noises from my son’s room. I got up to check on him to see if he was awake but he was out cold. The toy that was making the noise was near the bottom of his toy hamper and has been there for weeks or months now and there was nothing I could find that would of set it off in such a manner. It would make its noises then stop, then a few minutes later would start again until I did take it out of the toy hamper. I then went back to bed very freaked out and tried to get some sleep, as I now had to be up for work in 4.5 hours.

I didn’t sleep well last night hearing every creek of the stairs and every little noise…”

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