True Ghost Story: Rocking Chair In The Attic

Location: Listowel, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Danielle on Jan 31, 2013:

“This experience happened when I was only 2. I don’t remember what happened but both of my parents have told me the exact same thing I am about to share.

We moved into an awesome, you could call it, 3-story house. A little history about the previous owners: they had a daughter that was, I believe, mentally ill. She was in her early to late 20’s and was very unhappy. Sick of it all, she went out somewhere and hung herself. I’m not sure how long after, they moved out and we moved in.

Apparently at about 8:00 a.m EVERY morning I would wake up my parents by screaming and crying. They would rush in and ask what was wrong. I would reply by saying that there was a women at the foot of my bed. In the beginning they probably passed it off as my imagination. But eventually my mom started feeling uneasy about the house. She said she could hear rocking, as in a rocking chair, coming from the attic, even though it would have been a very tight fit. She also said that when she was alone in the house she felt another presence. My dad on the other hand didn’t notice anything.

Anyways, after a while, my mom couldn’t stand it any longer so she called up the local priest. All he said was to go into the room and nicely ask it to leave. So she did exactly that. Turns out it worked. I apparently never saw her again.

I still get chills when I remember the story. I find it creepy that I remember playing in my room where I saw the apparition years afterwards, not remembering anything.”

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