True Ghost Story: Woman Crawling with Her Legs Being Dragged Behind

Location: Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Bobbi on Dec 1, 2011:

“It started the same way any other ghost story starts; we moved in. After a few months of living in the house, my brother and I began to feel uneasy, unknowingly about the same thing. I remember sleeping in my room one night and waking up in a full panic and feeling myself gasp for air. I understand some might say it could have been because of a medical problem, but I myself am genuinely healthy. I have no breathing problems, and had never woken like that nor have I since. Anyway, when I opened my eyes, that’s when I saw her. She had round eyes, very dark too. Her hair was long, all one length, and her face was old and sunken in. She was there in a flash and gone just as fast. It was as if she was hovering over me. I slept with my light on for the rest of the night.

Summer came fast, and once it was warm enough for my brother to move his things up there, he did. There were two chairs at the end of the attic around a round green rug. They sat adjacent to the window by the stairs. I remember staring at one of the chairs, and for a moment there was an old man standing behind it. He was tall and slightly heavy, wore glasses, and had a mustache. He just stood with a smile almost like he was proud. I turned to my brother quickly, but he didn’t seem bothered. That’s because he didn’t see the man.

One night my brother and I began to talk, the conversation ended up on discussing the house. He became very worried; his face was filled with concern. He then shook his head and said, “I think the house is haunted.” I nodded and agreed which seemed to take his concern away. He ended up telling me what he saw in the attic. He saw a woman crawl with her legs completely straight being dragged behind. Apparently, her body was nearly on the ground, which I still have trouble to imagine. He said she had the dark long hair as well and her skin was white. Even now, just thinking about that conversation with my brother scares me and gives me chills. He told me he would sometimes wake up to the attic door (which was in his real bedroom) would be open. We ended up telling my mom in a very calm way. We only told her about me seeing the old man smiling, and the woman dragging her legs. Anything else would have been too frightening for her.

As the year went on, little things were happening; things would be missing, and show up nearly a week later, in the bathroom the taps would turn on, and of course I and my brother would hear sliding above our rooms. We passed them all off as forgetting and blaming it on squirrels and raccoons.

It wasn’t until about the sixth or seventh month things got really bad. My mom was sleeping and my brother was sleeping at our cousin’s house. I was just about asleep when suddenly there was a loud bang coming from the attic. I jumped up and somehow built up enough courage to turn my light on. My mom then yelled, “Was that you?” she came down the hallway surprised to see me sitting up. I shook my head, and then there was another. She asked me what it was and I shrugged. I could feel my eyes bug out as I realised the banging was between my room and my mom’s. Regardless of age and maturity, I was seventeen and gladly jumped into my mom’s bed after asking to sleep in her room. She went to the washroom and I was left in her bedroom alone. I sat there hoping nothing more would happen. Before she came back to the bedroom, there was another noise. It sounded as if someone fell down the stairs. I ended up looking down them to make sure it wasn’t my mom. There was nothing there. My mom then came out of the bathroom. That night ended with me looking up and seeing the woman standing at the side of the bed hunched over looking at me.

The last time something like that happened, it was about a week later. My brother and I were sleeping and we both woke up to stomping in the hallway. It would stomp from his door to mine and back. He hollered to me asking if I was doing it, and I said in a shaky voice that I didn’t know what it was. Eventually it stopped, and in the morning, we told our mom who claimed she didn’t hear it.

Now here is a very silly thing to do: when you think your house is haunted, and you’re pretty sure the entities aren’t exactly friendly, you decide to have your own little séance. My brother, our cousin and I did exactly that. We sat in the living room and lit a tea light candle in the darkness. I was very reluctant with the whole idea, but I still participated. When my brother asked ‘it’ to do something, we all laughed nervously. Once we relaxed, my brother’s faced showed his terror as we sat in the circle. I then saw a shadow move across the room. When I turned around, my mom’s bedroom door was closed. My brother said that the shadow went into her room. I opened the door and everything was fine. She was still asleep. I placed a book in front of the door to use as a weight to hold it open. Our cousin then said he was done.

Other than the occasional banging and the sudden rush of panic, nothing has happened since. Everything seemed to calm down after we got a cat… perhaps the ancient Egyptians were right about cats being the keepers of the underworld.”

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