True Ghost Story: A Tall Man with Dark Hair

Location: Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Bobbi on Dec 2, 2011:

“About five years ago, I was in my bedroom looking at my door. Nothing out of the ordinary, except when I closed my eyes. In those moments before I fell asleep, I hear my name called. I opened my eyes wide, frightened by the unfamiliar voice. Nothing was there. This happened for about three days, just before I would fall asleep. I would hear, “Bobbi.” On the fourth night I remember hearing the voice and opening my eyes looking at the doorway. There standing was a tall man with dark hair slicked back and a shirt tucked in his jeans that were cuffed at the bottom. I stared at him, not in fear, but in curiosity. He just looked back. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, he was beside my bed. He then leaned over me whispering in my ear. I couldn’t hear him, but I could see his lips moving. He then pulled away and smiled at me. I blinked and he was gone.

I told my mother what I saw and described him to her. She nodded and said if he came back tell him to go away. As the months past, there were no more visits by the strange man. It wasn’t until nearly two years later I would see him again, only this time in a photograph. When I saw the picture, I was at a family member’s house with my mother. I turned to her and asked who that was. She told me it was my uncle. I never met him because he died before I was born. I still get goosebumps at remembering that moment.”

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