Queen St. W in Toronto – Haunted Toronto Database

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jeremy on Oct 31, 2011:

“I live in an apartment on Queen Street West, in one of those terribly old buildings. It’s a beautiful apartment, with tons of 1900s-era charm, high ceilings, original mouldings, etc. From the outside you can see the scars of old windows and doorways, and what the alley behind the strip of buildings used to be like, the old shop windows, etc. Great history and beautiful architecture. Let me be clear from the get-go, I am NOT a believer in ghosts, but the events that I’ve witnessed in and around this apartment, I cannot explain.

One specific event happened one morning, I walked by our extremely skinny kitchen and heard a smash behind me. I looked into the kitchen and found a plate smashed on the floor. I was weirded out because the previous night I had done the dishes and put them all away. I didn’t recall leaving any out, but figured I must have forgotten one. My girlfriend was still in bed and both her cats were in her bed too, sleeping. I thought the plate might have slipped off the counter, but then I saw a dent mark in the floor mat in the kitchen. The dent was in the dead center of the kitchen, as if someone had stood with the plate and dropped it from a standing position. If it had slipped off the counter, the dent would have been closer to the counter. And what are the odds this would happen as I walked by?

I also cannot, for the life of me, cannot feel comfortable in the back yard (that used to be a main street just north of Queen). I smoke out there at night – and 90% of the time I feel like I’m being watched. There are creepy noises all the time. Rustling when there is no wind – and branches cracking after I had just cleaned them up. The feeling is unbearable sometimes and I have to put out my smoke and sit in silence to wait for it to go away.

Things are constantly going missing in the apartment, and when we give up the search and forget about them, they re-appear a few weeks later in an obvious spot. Lightbulbs will simply not last more than a couple weeks – constantly burning out and needing replacement. Considering others’ stories, I suppose we’re getting off quite lightly.

TONS of history in these old Queen Street buildings, apparently some of it still remains…”

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