True Ghost Story: There is a ghost in the corner of the room

Location: Regina, SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Liz on Oct 20, 2011:

“My story is not really experiencing a ghost, but more of just what happened to me in my sleep. My great-grandpa died on New Years eve in 2006. The next day on January 1st 2007 we drove to Alberta to start preparing for the funeral. That night when we arrived there my family and I had to sleep in the house were both my grandparents lived in (he didn’t die in the house though). That night my mom and my aunt were sleeping on the floor in the living room on the blow-up bed, and I was on the couch next to both of them. As soon as I shut my eyes I fell asleep instantly. All I remember after that was falling towards a light and I was clinically dead. I could see myself falling towards this light and as I got closer and closer I could hear someone calling my name over and over about 6 times. And as I heard my name clearer the 4th time I kept telliing myself I had to wake up because I knew what was happening to me. I could feel my mom shaking me saying my name and to wake up, and she went to the point were she slapped me across the face and that’s when I woke up. When I came concious again I looked at my mom holding my shoulders and I was sitting up-right and all I said was “what are you doing?”. And she told me I was breathing really heavily then all the sudden I stopped breathing and she couldn’t get me back for about 5 minutes. After that I got a drink of water and I looked into the mirror and I was so blue and purple from not breathing for 5 minutes. I eneded up loosing 10 pounds within that 5 minutes I was gone. And after that, and to this day, I have been having trouble sleeping. I think it was just my grandpa wanting to see me again because he never got to see me right before he died.

On the other hand my aunt see’s ghosts all the time and tells me she only sees them through reflections and one of them is my grandpa… She had actually got a medium come to her place and do a recording of what she was experiencing and you can see orbs fly around everywhere in this dvd. I still have this dvd and its creepy.

Another story is when my mom, sister, brother and I went to our family reunion in 2008. We were in a hotel and she fell asleep in the bed with my brother and I fell asleep in the bed with my little sister. I remember my mom waking me up at 2 am asking me where my sister was. I look over and I said “she is right beside me”, and she looked over me and said “no she is not”. I said “yes she is, now go to bed”. She layed back down and went to bed. She again woke up and said my name again. At that point I was annoyed. This time she turned on the lamp, and her eyes were wide open and she was sitting straight up. She said to me “there is a ghost in the corner of the room”. I didn’t want to look. I put the covers right over my head and said “no there isn’t GO TO BED!” And she said “yes there is”. I couldn’t help but to bury myself in the blankets and hope that whatever my mom saw would go away.”

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