True Ghost Story: There’s a Man at the Foot of the Bed

Location: Hammertown, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by James on Nov 1, 2011:

 “I grew up on a farm, owned by my family for generations. Family members from past generations have been born and have died in the house that I lived in. So, I always knew they were probably still there. The most amazing evidence of this came one night, as a teenager, while I was working on my computer on the ground floor in the dining room with the door closed. The door opens to the kitchen. This room was once a parlour. It was late at night and I was alone. As I was working, I heard someone pushing one of the kitchen chairs on the other side of the door. Since everyone else had gone to bed upstairs long before, this definitely freaked me out. I went to the door and opened it and on the other side of the door, was the kitchen chair. It was propped up against the door under the knob, as if to keep it from opening outward. Of course, the door actually opens inwards, so it didn’t prevent me from opening it. I learned later that when the room was a parlour, ages ago, the door used to open outwards.

One other night, my girlfriend at the time was sleeping in my bed with me on the top floor of the house, with the door closed. It was again late at night and everyone was asleep. Suddenly, I was awakened by her screaming “there’s a man at the foot of the bed!!” I got out of bed, walked right past the foot of the bed to the light switch and turned it on. Nobody was there and the door was still closed. This actually corresponds to another experience. I was in the same room, asleep by myself. The door was closed. Suddenly, someone began banging on the door, violently. It seemd the door was going to come off the hinges any momoent. I got up and opened the door, thinking it was my dad and something was wrong. Nobody was there and I could hear dad snoring away in his room across the hall. Again, this relates to a story a farm hand told me. He occasionally slept on the couch in the living room. Very early one morning, around milking time, he was awakened by an old man shaking him. He opened his eyes and saw the old man who told him to get up right away and go out to the barn. He said the old man looked like my grandfather. My grandfather, however, was retired and lived in the house on the hill in front of ours. Apparently, the man simply disappeared as the farm hand sat up on the couch and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

All of these experiences can be attributed to my great-grandfather who was known for being up long before dawn to go out and do the chores. I’m not sure why he would try to lock me in the dining room though, but I’m sure he was banging on my door to get me up to go out to the barn, just as he did to the farm hand.

After these experiences, I know for certain that there are just things going on in this world that we will never comprehend.”

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