True Ghost Story: Man Standing At Our Bed

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Vickie on May 27, 2011:

“My husband and I along with our 3 children lived in Mississauga in the 1980’s. When my son turned 13 he asked if he could move to a completed bedroom in the basement which also had an attached living room and bathroom, we consented and set up a typical boys room. Periodically my son J would return to the top level of our 2 story house stating he was scared and that he had seen an old man in his room. We never made much about this and J would come and go between the downstairs basement and his room on the second floor. One night I awoke to see a figure of a man standing at the foot of our bed with his arm resting against our dresser drawers. It took me a few seconds to adjust my vision but there was definately a figure watching us. I woke my husband who searched the house, but no one was found. A few years later we returned to my home country in Australia. We kept in contact with neighbours from Mississauga and was upset to hear of the decline in health of a young neighbour dying of Liver cancer. I had worked for a nursing home in Mississauga and was asked to return to Canada to testify about a fire in Mississauga aged care centre where I worked. I agreed to return seeing this as a time to visit my dying neighbour, unfortunately she had died and the day I arrived was her funeral. I visited another ex neighbour who still lived on the same street I lived at in Mississauga. She told how my dying neighbour often spoke of an old man who visited her. This was put down to the Morphine and at her funeral people who lived on that street recounted stories of seeing an old man from time to time. The neighbour recounting the story, had a son who had gotten a young girl pregnant. Her mother asked her to move out of the house. The young girl moved into the father’s parents house and apparently would never move to the basement because she often saw an old man standing over the babies crib. We often talk about this story I can assure you I am now 57 and my mind still has a clear image of the well groomed man standing at the foot of our bed. Whether it was the same one who visited other members of our neighbours and my dying friend I don’t know.”

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