True Ghost Story: Orbs on video?

Location: Brantford, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Kevin on May 23, 2011:

“One night at approximately 3:30a.m I was playing with my kitten in the living room. So I grabbed my cell phone and started to film him acting all funny when I noticed something go by the screen. Upon turning the camera on these “things” started to appear. I have been filming these for weeks and have caught them dozens of times on video. I don’t know what I am seeing. I’ve shown my friends what I have on film. After they watch it they are left speechless and are spooked. I can only see them through a high-resolution camera, but my cat seems to see them. Sometimes there is only a few, other times there are dozens whizzing around. Some go slow then speed up, some come directly toward me then vanish. I’m not sure that this means anything,,but I also live directly across from a very big and old cemetery. I searched the internet and found others with the exact things, but nothing close to the activity I have here. I was kinda freaked in the beginning, but getting used to it now.”

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