True Ghost Story: Haunted At My Seniors Home

Location: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Debbie on June 3, 2011:

“I’m a senior living in a seniors building, this is a true story this is real. If anyone ever says there is no spirit world they better think again.. My computer is set up in the living room of the apt. Several days ago as I was typing I felt a cold breeze against my face and didn’t think to much about it. Something did make me turn my head towards the main door call it instinct.. This is when I saw an apparition of a little boy crying he was standing sideways looking straight at me holding the knob of the door handle like he wanted out, the apparition lasted about 3 mins. After that the lights started flickering on & off. On another day another apparition. My bathroom is connected to my bedroom, terrified to move but had to go. My bedroom was so cold, went in the bathroom and shut the door. As soon as I opened the door to come out there she was a woman looking out the window waving then she disappeared. I took off in the living room and closed the bedroom door. Lights started flickering off & on, looking in the kitchen I noticed a mist hovering over the kitchen table. It did not take me very long to keep lights on until I seen the daylight. Through the nights I’d hear bangings, my rocking chair would move towards the window, I’d hear the kettle switch going off & on. I’d be smelling perfume or flowers. I have flowers in the kitchen, they had been touched like someone was admiring them. The lights were still on until daylight. When daylight arrived I went into the bedroom, my wall had markings in red: hush, keep Quite, Get out, a few scratches here and there, the letter M & 666. I’m in panic mode all day, after all would you not be? One thing here to note no air getting in, windows were closed. I tell you this is an unexplainable activity yet to be examined..”

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