Halifax Ghosts: Victorian Haunted House

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Dawn on August 4, 2009:

“Our family home in Halifax was purchased after the explosion destroyed my grandparents’ first home. The house on Robie Street was an old victorian. We always jokingly said it was haunted. Voices would be heard, belongings disappeared only to reappear months later. As kids our favourite game was to stand at the top of the stairs in the cold spot and see who could stand the creepy feeling longest without running down the stairs. Shortly after my uncle passed away we started to smell pipe tobacco whenever he came up in conversation. As a child I slept in the room my grandmother passed away in, for many years I drove my mother crazy talking to the friend no one else could see, the friend who would stand by my bed and talk to me while I fell asleep. As an adult I was informed by a psychic that the friend was still with me, she described her as standing behind me, and then she described my late grandmother. When we eventually moved from the house my mother laughingly said ‘be careful not to let the ghosts get in the boxes’.. it didn’t work, there are still phantom whiffs of pipe tobacco in the new location. And items go missing, the catch now is if you ask nice they come back, we say its mom reminding us she’s still here. I recently misplaced a pair of silver earrings that my mother had given me. I say misplaced, when in fact they simply vanished from the box they were always in. I went to get them one day and they were gone, the search was on, every drawer emptied, boxes dumped until I finally decided they were gone for good. Months later my sister asked if I had found them and suggested I ask mom for them back. I did one more search and asked if I could have them back, a few days later I opened the box where the earrings had been kept, to find them safely lying on the cotton in the box.”

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