True Ghost Story: Figure Clothed in Black with No Face

Location: Minesing, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Kelly on August 11, 2009:

“I was 7 years old and I was waiting for my dad to get home from a late night hockey game, it was around 12:30-1:00. I didn’t know that he had already come home but still was waiting for him. It was storming that night and now and then would see a flash of lightning and the trees sway. I should mention I live out in the country in a rural area so the houses were far in between ours. While I had my face against the upstairs window looking out I was focused on the road, directly across our street was a caulvosac. It was at that time I noticed just a few feet from the stop sign was a figure, a figure taller than the stop sign itself and one knows how high they are. The figure was clothed in black and walked more slowly then a human being should, actually it didn’t seem to walk but float. I turned away in fear and came back 5 minutes later thinking what I saw was just my imagination. To my fright it wasn’t my imagination, the figure was now crossing the street to my front lawn. In the street light I was able to make out what it was, it was the kind of ghost that Scrooge sees the third ghost of Christmas. The ones that have no face, just before I ran back to the safety of my bed I saw the lightning flash and to my fright and horror saw nothing in place of where the face should be. I have not forgotten that since and I am 23 now.”

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