True Ghost Story: Ghost Swears Revenge

Location: Port Colborne, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Taya on July 29, 2009:

“When I was a little girl my family bought a house and there was always people in my room — ghosts. I told my mom and dad about the images in my room and they told the “ghosts” that if they didn’t pay rent they had to leave. Sure enough it worked except one little thing, a little boy did not leave and would always tell me to help him and to play with him and I didn’t like him at all, he was freaky and always in my face. The next week or two I told my neighbours about the little boy and they were Wiccan and they told me to tell him to go into the light. So I did and he just left. I never ever saw him again and now inside my room in my light there is a black blob inside my light and it will NOT go away like we’ve tried cleaning and repairing it. That was 7 years ago, and just 5 months ago I had a really scary dream and I don’t have scary dreams. It was about the boy, but he was older and told me that I didn’t help him and that I’m going to regret it and he’s going to get revenge on me, but it’s just a dream so what do I have to be scared of.”

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