True Ghost Story: Green Man In the Basement

Location: Fort McMurray, AlbertaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Lisa on May 4, 2009:

“I lived in this old house in Thickwood. My sister and I each had a room in the basement. Every night my sister would sleep with our little dog Molly. One night while getting ready for bed my dog started freaking out and backed herself into a corner. She started yelping and crying, her tail was between her legs. She finally unfroze and ran upstairs, naturally my sister and I ran to my dad. He checked things out and there seemed to be no sign of anything, and Molly was calm by then but still wouldn’t go into the basement. Later on that night my sister came and slept in my room. The next day she told me she saw a man in green walking from her room into mine. As if that wasn’t freaky enough, my boyfriend’s son came over and wouldn’t go into the basement, he said he was scared of the green man with dirt under his nails.”

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