True Ghost Story: Haunted Farmhouse

Location: Cooksville, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Corrie on April 20, 2009:

“As a child growing up in a farmhouse dated 1885 now demolished in Cooksville (Mississauga), I experienced strange happenings.

We had the old brass curtain rods with rings in each of the 2 upstairs bedrooms. I was alone upstairs in one of the bedrooms reading, when I suddenly heard the curtains screeching back and forth opening and closing. I called out as if one of my siblings were doing this to annoy me. No answer, I called again, no answer, then getting annoyed I stormed out in the hall to the other room, …… no one there …… I looked, no siblings hiding as if a joke. Terrified I ran
downstairs, this was mid afternoon.

Another time, same scenario, but a dresser drawer in the other room dragged open and then slammed closed. I ran to the room thinking a sibling was there, no one in sight.

Sleeping in that same room of occurrences, I slept in an antique bed dated 1906, which I still have in my possession. The bed has a high headboard and sideboards. One night there was a knocking on the sideboard below me, loud enough it woke me. Thinking it was my brother playing one of his pranks, I told him by name to stop. The knocking continued, truly irritated I yelled “Peter stop knocking I know it’s you!” Then diving with my head under my bed…..shocked then crying out…..there was no one there!

Footsteps up and down the hall pacing many a night. I would crawl along the floor, peering in the hall to see no one there!

I have at times precognitive dreams of events going to happen sometime and have. I also always dream in colour.

The townhouse I now live in presently for 19 years, I’ve also experienced strange occurances. Someone as if sitting on my bed at night and waking me up because of the weight I couldn’t move.

Also washing dishes with rubber gloves in very hot water, (no windows open, no furance on, …..) sudden cold spot as if something/someone went through me. Hair stood up at the back of my neck, I couldn’t move or see clearly as if wrapped in gauze or cheesecloth. I had my hands in hot water, yet I was freezing cold. Suddenly I felt this jolt of release whatever it was and my whole body began to warm up again back to normal.”

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