True Ghost Story: Ghost Helps Woman Feel Safe

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on October 27, 2008:

“My husband and I lived in a basement apartment that I never found to be comfortable, safe ( it’s the only words that seems to fit), which I thought was because I had windows at ground level. I had started having nightmares of a woman lying dead on my kitchen floor, in this dream she was in her late 60’s and I just remember someone saying that they had changed her shirt but not why. A few days later my 3yr old daughter and I were watching TV in our living room when she seen her dad go into the kitchen and asked what her dad was making. I looked into the kitchen (you could see it from my couch and there was no one there), when I went up to look her dad was asleep in bed. I told a neighbor about my nightmares and my daughter’s experience and was told in turn that a lady had died in my kitchen. She had an aneurism while making tea at the counter. Once I knew what was causing the nightmares I stopped having them, and the apartment felt safe and I became very comfortable and didn’t mind staying there alone. I guess the woman just wanted me to know she was there.”

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