True Ghost Stories: Apparition

Location: Hearst, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Taylor on Jan 22, 2007:

“For as long as I can remember, I have always experienced strange occurrences that surrounded my mother and grandmother’s home. (I now live on my own elsewhere). My very first experience happened when I was about 13 or 14 yrs old. While waking from sleep one night, I turned to look at my bedroom doorway to see an extremely tall guy standing there staring at me. He was thin, with very long black hair that seemed to reach his lower back. His face had a look of sadness, which also was very pale. Now for some reason, I wasn’t scared at this sight, but upon waking, I couldn’t control the tremors my body felt as I realized what I had just seen during the night.

After that incident, I could no longer enter my own bedroom without feeling such negative energy. It felt as though someone was choking me and that I had a ball in my throat from feeling so sad. As soon as I would enter the room, I would immediately start bawling for no apparent reason, and even if I didn’t want to, I still would. I had no control over the tears that rolled down my cheeks. For about a week this went on, until my grandmother called in someone to bless the whole house with more concentration within my room. This stopped the fear of entering my bedroom and the uncontrollable crying, but it had never felt the same afterwards, hence my decision to make a bedroom for myself downstairs in the basement. After moving downstairs, there seemed to be more occurrences but none that had
instilled as much fear as the incident mentioned above.

Another incident involves a week’s full of strange dreams and happenings prior to a family tragedy. It all started with a dream that I had where I was standing on this cliff with my little nephew and his parents. My nephew fell over this cliff and while everyone was screaming and crying they were unable to help, as they seemed to be frozen. I jumped over the edge and was able to grab a hold of my nephew midair. While crashing to the ground, I had broken both of my legs but was still able to keep my little nephew safe. Now this is where it starts to get strange, both my nephew (who happened to be spending the night) and I woke up at the very same moment, screaming and crying. I immediately rushed upstairs to see if he was okay, only to realize that, he too, had awoken from a nightmare. The next morning, I
was about to cook some eggs when I had dropped one to the ground, at the very moment of impact, my little nephew fell from the bed, hitting the floor just as the egg smashed open on the floor.

That night as I was laying in bed, waiting for my fiancé to come and join me, I noticed that the mattress I was laying on started to sink in, as though someone were sitting there right next to me. I immediately and repeatedly screamed and called out for my fiancé who was in the bathroom next to the bedroom (which had the door wide open) but for some reason he did not hear me. It was my brother who came rushing to me after hearing my calls from upstairs. It was after seeing my brother running towards the bedroom that my fiancé realized something was wrong. That night, I felt something was so wrong. I could not go to sleep.

The next morning is when everything seemed to come into place. I had just learned that a couple of relatives from the family had their apartment burned down. Living on the third floor, the father had jumped from the window to save his newborn son’s life, breaking two of his legs in the process. The late visitor that I had sitting on my bed was his father who passed away during the fire.”

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