True Ghost Story: Girl With No Legs

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Erica on July 28, 2005:

 “I moved into a town house in the north end in January of 2000. It only took 2 weeks of living here before I began to experience some odd things. The first one I remember was hearing my dryer door slam. I was quite freaked out. Then a few days later I was folding laundry (by the dryer) and I felt something rub on my leg. I ran down my stairs and never folded laundry in that area again.

I had a lot of problems with my lights turning on and off by themselves. Sometimes I couldn’t even turn on a light, it just wouldn’t turn on. But when I went to change the light bulb it would suddenly start working.

I heard my cupboard doors open and close. I had many people say that when they went to my bathroom my closet door would be closed, and when they would come out of the bathroom it would be open. A lot of people felt a presence while being in my home.

I no longer reside there, but I did stay there for almost 5 years. I moved out 4 months ago when things got bad. I saw what seemed to be a ball of smoke forming in my living room, it only appeared for about 5 seconds then it was gone. I began to hear a lot of things being moved around in my daughter’s room when she wasn’t home. I heard a glass smash, when I went upstairs to investigate I found a broken glass shattered on my hallway floor.

The thing that scared me the most was my daughter running to me with the most frightened look on her face saying that a mean girl was sitting on my chair and she was scared of her. She said the girl had no legs so she couldn’t say how old she was. I moved away shortly after.”

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