True Ghost Story: Are You Going To Check?

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Veronica on July 27, 2005:

“I lived in this big house years ago. I was renting at the time. It is very old. There were small things that happened like touching us (taps likes a child) and whispering. It was a place that I called my home, I was fine with it.

Until one night, I was sleeping and I had heard my youngest crying. She was in a crib. I was thinking to myself “she is okay” and that she will go back to sleep. I laid there listening to her. I was somewhat awake and sleepy. I then had this voice in my head that spoke “Are you going to check?” I am really not sure if they said “her”. Well I felt really angry. I talked back, stating that I was not. She would go back to sleep. And then, the angry thing gave me a blast of a high ear-piercing ring in my head and ears. I think I grabbed my ears and wondered things. Stop it. What is this. It happened so fast and intense. Then with it like a wind that went right through me I could feel the thing go through me as my whole head had been in a strong wind. The hair on my head just raised and blew up. I was lying down. This was anger? All this happened very fast. I shouted. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” I came too and looked around and nothing, I was lying there with my arms criss cross against my chest. Hands had been fist closed and I just laid there. I then woke up my husband and asked him to check on the baby. She was fine. She was back to sleep.

After that I did not want to get up. While he was up I went to the bathroom and left it on. To be communicating like that is very unknown to me. (Through thoughts).”

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