True Ghost Story: My Little Girl Appeared Out Of Nowhere

Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Erica on  Sept 23, 2005:

“One afternoon last summer in our 2 bedroom raised bungalow, my family and I were having a relaxing day from what was left of a hectic weekend. I was doing laundry in the basement when I saw my young 3 year old daughter come down the stairs and run right by me.

There is only one room in the basement, besides the laundry room, and that is where Nicole had entered which was our Master Bedroom. I then entered my room where she had gone and I noticed she was not there. I know for a fact she did not come out as I was right beside the door way. I walked upstairs where my husband and 12 year old daughter was and asked them if they saw Nicole run by and both said she was fast asleep in her bedroom. I glanced in on her and there she was fast asleep in her bed.

Till this day I am not sure what I saw and what really happened and this was only the beginning of what was to come next.”

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