True Ghost Story: Get Out

Location: Moncton, New BrunswickCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Jodie on Oct 31, 2010:

“Well it started a little while ago while me and my boyfriend were staying with my mother. It didn’t personally seem as if the apartment itself was haunted. It felt as if something was actually following me and my boyfriend personally. At night time he would see shadows covering the hallway light. It stood in front of my door, just staring at us through the doorway until my boyfriend turned on the light. He left at 3am that morning and didn’t come back for a very long time. when he did it seemed he only felt it at my mom’s except the last time was different. It went from hearing footsteps and noises to something completely changing everything. As I walked into my mother’s room after a shower to brush my hair, my boyfriend was on the upper floor in my bedroom when he heard something say “get out”. At the same time I felt something brush up behind me. My cat was in the bedroom with my boyfriend and he jumped off the windowsill and ran to my mom’s room and sat there and growled at what would be a person standing behind me. But nothing was there. My boyfriend said my mom’s room felt cold. He wouldn’t even go through the door, he stood in the door way just looking at me. And that’s when I noticed the cross I wore around my neck for the past 2 years without ever being taken off wasn’t there and then there it was hanging in front of me on the mirror. I felt as if something was holding me in that spot, I couldn’t walk out of the room until my boyfriend yelled at me. we have not stayed at my mother’s since.

We reached out to a physic and what we were told was that it was involving our past. Me and my boyfriend both have a previous ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend who killed themselves. And that the spirits weren’t there to hurt us. It was as if my ex-boyfriend was there to protect me and his ex-girlfriend was there to protect him. And that when there was negativity between me and my boyfriend that they acted out in the manner.

To this day me and my boyfriend have moved twice and we still feel something strong around us. When we walked into my mother’s home my boyfriend is a total different person, his mood changes, he gets mean and aggravated and he can only stay there for a maxium of 15 minutes before he has to leave. I have not once in the 5 years that my mother has lived there stayed a night alone nor have I slept in a bed alone because of the feeling of something watching me 24/7. And it has been said that when these places were first build a little girl was killed by her mother in one of the townhouses but which one is still unknown. So to this day I don’t know whether to say there is something following me and my boyfriend or the fact there’s something haunting my mother’s. Because I am now getting ready to give birth to a little girl and it seemed while staying with my mom the activity was worse when I became pregnant, more aggresive more mean. Something that didn’t want us living there or didn’t want a new baby to be brought into the house. All I can say is 5 years later it’s still happening.”

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