True Ghost Story: TV And Lights Operating On Their Own

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Danny on Aug 10, 2007:

“Not long after my son, Brendan who is 22 years old, settled in to his new place he told me about how his television and light would come on while he was sleeping. As Brendan will tell you he is a light sleeper and wakes up easily to any small noise. The actual sound of a light switch being turned on and off as well as a television would probably unnerve the bravest of us. Not Brendan, he just tells his visitor to stop it and let him sleep. Brendan’s television has a sleep option that he uses every night, and he does not leave his lights on. Paul (his brother, who also lives in the house) has become a true believer, noting that his younger brother was fast asleep when he came home from work and the tv and lights were on. The fact that Brendan can hear the light switch being turned on and off and the television actually switching itself on is incredible. Yet, he’ll have none of it and will not be perturbed by this seemingly harmless ghost.

Two years ago I hung a very heavy mirror in the living room. Today’s date is August 10th,2007. Three weeks ago this mirror came out of the wall and landed standing up on the back of Paul and his wife’s couch. Believe me when I tell you that the plaster walls are thick and I used really heavy duty anchors to secure this bloody mirror. To me the mirror had been pulled out of the wall just by the look of the anchors. They were not bent in any way as one would expect if the mirror had simply fallen from its’ weight.

Last year we nearly lost our Daughter-in-law Melanie (Paul’s wife) during her pregnancy with twin boys. Both boys died in the womb causing unimaginable problems to Melanie’s health while in the hospital. Our Grandsons were buried together in the same wee coffin. My Wife and I are still devastated, one year later. I trust in God that none of these happenings are intertwined. I leave you to your own personal judgement on this ghost story.”

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