Truro Ghosts: Orange Figure Approached Me

Truro ghosts haunted paranormal

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Ghost report from Alec on June 24, 2014:

“In summer 2008, my family rented a cottage for a week outside of Truro in Nova Scotia. Because of a lack of rooms, I ended up in the sunroom at the front of the house which had a panoramic view of the ocean.

One evening, when it was dark out and all that was on was my reading lamp, to my right a fair distance away, I saw a large orange shape making it’s way down the road. As I watched, this orange figure not only stopped heading down the road, but appeared to be approaching me. As it got closer, it appeared to be human shaped. Getting a bit scared, I turned away and shut my eyes, only to hear a voice whisper in my left ear, as though someone were standing over my bed, “how are you?”.

Needless to say I didn’t respond or look up. No one else was around to see/experience it, but I hear those words as clearly now as then.”

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Phantom Ship of Northumberland Strait – Haunted Nova Scotia Database

Location: Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Type: three-masted ship
Built: n/a

NOTE: Michelle McKay, the founder of Cold Spot Paranormal Research, has a special interest in this ghost ship. Her grandmother saw it in Nova Scotia, she will add her testimony to this page shortly. 

This phantom ship has been a very popular sighting along the Northumberland Strait ever since 1786. The Northumberland Strait flows through Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

Descriptions of the ghost ship vary, but most agree that the ship is a three-masted square rigger with “burning flames leaping from the mast”.

The ship has also been sighted during the winter when the Strait is completely frozen over.

Some believe that Jean Pierre de Roma watched the burning ship from Brudenell Point and that he concluded that it was indeed a ghost ship and that the ship most likely belonged to pirates at one time…

Although nobody knows for certain who the ship belonged to or which ship it was, some say it belonged to an English Admiral. After looting the Roma settlement, he ordered his crew to take the prettiest girl they could find. Once they captured the girl and destroyed the settlement, the crew moved to the outskirts of Georgetown and anchored the vessel at Boughton Island. Supposedly, the Admiral attempted to seduce the frightened young women, and a struggle ensued. A lamp was knocked over spilling oil on the floor causing a huge fire. The crew cut the ship away from the other two ships it was tied up beside. Eventually, the ship floated away and sank off the coast of Pictou Island and the image of the burning ship is that of the English warship.

Also see the Chaleur Bay ghost ship in New Brunswick which might be the same ship.


“It was October of 2005. I was almost 15 years old.

We had a family vacation in PEI coming up and were staying in Pictou, Nova Scotia before boarding the ferry. I vividly recall the moon rising over the calm waters of the Northumberland Strait. It was about 10 to 11 at night.

I was outside taking in the chilly, fresh sea air cutting through the winds when I noticed something in the distance. I’ve always loved ships since I was a young boy and have been fascinated in the sinkings of World War I and II ships, as well as the Olympic Class Sisters, The Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic.

I saw a beautiful three-masted schooner coming in, as one would put “hot” or fast, for those who don’t know what that means. I ran back in to get my grandfather’s binoculars. He came out with me and I pointed out the ship in the distance; the unfurled sails taking in the winds, though there was nary a breeze blowing.

I peered through the binoculars, watching helplessly as the ship suddenly caught ablaze. My grandfather, who stood in awe, watched with me. He knew what it was; the stories he had heard while he was serving in the Royal Canadian Navy.

Time seemed to slow down as some others in the hotel we were staying at witnessed it. Some believed they were dreaming, others didn’t know what to make of it. Some called Emergency services to report a ship on fire in the Strait.

Before we knew it, 45 minutes had passed and she went down by the head, vanishing from sight without a trace. I vividly remember the winds suddenly picking up, blowing hard across the land and sea.

It’s been 12 years now and this is the first time I’ve opened up about it. After confirming from multiple friends who lived there that they too have seen it. I dismissed it as a dream for a long time but always heard whispers on the winds about it from mariners here in Halifax.

I’ve always had a paranormal sense. I’ve seen ghosts across the fields of Flanders, the old battlefields of World War I and II, in houses abandoned, and of family and friends in my own.

But the fact I witnessed the legendary ghost ship of the Northumberland strait still baffles me to this day.”

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Burnt Church Ghosts: Huge Dark Shadow

Location: Burnt Church, Nova Scotia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Steve on June 19, 2014:

“I was working in Kennetcook, Nova Scotia and was staying in one of the most beautiful picturest place you could ever imagine of the Bay of Fundy, and these cottages I was staying were right next to a very old lighthouse, that area had a lot of history.

So I noticed the first few nights I was there, light knocking and cold spots inside this cabin. I just passed it off as wind, although I found this place very eerie.

So I worked the night shift and would sleep all day, and that day I was awaken from the feeling the blankets were being pulled off the bed. I didn’t pay much attention, got up, showered and went to work.

The next morning I came back and decided to have breakfast bacon, eggs etc. The TV was on a swinging pedestal over a fridge. So as I’m cooking I decide to put on SportsCenter (a TV show), and I’m looking up at the TV. I can still see in front of me peripherally and there this man appeared no more than a foot in front of me. He was short and bald, tanned colored skin, wearing blue pants and a blue shirt but very old looking clothes. It scared the crap out of me. I jumped back in fear and he just vanished, I thought I was gonna die. lol.

I stayed there for a few more nights but decided to stay in Truro as soon as a room was available.

About two months later I had to go back and I was scared but I was making such good money I went for it but opted to stay in a different cabin. This time working days again I get home, cook dinner and this time this huge dark shadow comes up to the window all black, kind of like a huge ball, comes inside the cabin through the window and goes in my room, and my bed let out the loudest squeak noise like a 500 lb person just sat on it.

I continued to work there for close to a year and had many experiences but I never stepped foot in the other cabin. I never seen that old man again. Thank god.”

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Churchill Mansion Inn – Haunted Nova Scotia Database

Location: Yarmouth (Darling Lake), Nova Scotia, Canada
Type: inn
Built: circa 1890

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During the spring of 2004, Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ was called out to Nova Scotia to investigate Churchill Mansion. We were the very first investigation team to ever conduct an official paranormal investigation at this mansion. We were also fortunate enough to have the mansion to ourselves for three days. We experienced several oddities during our stay:

In the first sitting room on the main floor, by the guest book area, the temperature rose from 17 degrees to 20.4 degrees in just three and a half minutes. This in itself might not be so impressive, considering that the furnace could have simply come on without us realizing it. Until everybody on the team started reporting feeling ‘cold spots’ around them! When temperature rises, one should be feeling warmer – not colder! And one investigator on the team reported being ‘grabbed’ on the leg by an unseen force during this time. Than, the temperature suddenly shot back down to 17 degrees in even less time!

Later, while in the main floor sitting room, we heard a ‘bang’ that sounded exactly like it came from the room directly above us; which was Room 1. We immediately went upstairs and conducted a thorough inspection of Room 1. We could not find anything that had fallen. Room 1 used to be Lottie’s bedroom (see her photo above).

On a separate occasion, Michelle McKay, founder of Cold Spot Paranormal Research™, walked out of Room 1 and locked the door to Room 1 with the key. She then proceeded to head down the hallway and stopped in front of the door of Room 2 because she felt a ‘cold spot’ enter into the hallway. She then heard what sounded like ‘loud heavy footsteps’ coming from Room 1. She went back to Room 1, unlocked the door, and found the room to be empty just like she left it.

Later, one of the investigators on the team was sitting in the leather chair in the sitting room nearest the main entrance. He reported feeling an unknown presence “reach in through his chest and squeeze his lung”. The rest of the team heard him moaning in pain, and saw him wriggling in his chair. It took a few days until the pain completely subsided.

Another time, Michelle was sitting on the bed in Room 1 when suddenly she experienced what she says felt like “unseen fingers grab the top of her leg”.

We also made a curious note that flies seemed to be attracted to, and limited to, only Room 1 and the attic. There is likely nothing to this, nonetheless, we are noting it for the record.

Room 1 used to be Lottie’s bedroom. And Room 3 used to be Aaron Churchill’s bedroom.

(cont’d) See page 2 for reports from previous guests at the mansion

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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Halifax Ghosts: Ouija Board

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Sydney on Feb 27, 2011:

“So my sister and I were visiting my grand-parents house a couple years back. Our grand-father had died about 6 months before this occurred. So we were helping my grandma clean out his stuff from the basement. He was a huge collector, saving things from around the world and had to keep everything. While exploring the packed basement we managed to come across a Ouija Board. Not knowing exactly what it was at the time, we took it upstairs and set it on the kitchen table. My older sister told me that we were supposed to ask it questions. We asked it stupid questions like who are we gonna marry or are we going to have chocolate for dessert. Soon our grandma caught us using this game and told us it was a way to communicate with spirits. She told us to not play with it, but we didn’t listen. After we asked it questions like “are spirits really real?” And stuff like that. Suddenly, the tv started flickering on and off as cupboards banged back and fourth, and lights went out. We could feel a quick breeze from behind us and footsteps but they soon vanished as grandma came up with a box of grandpa’s belongings. The second she step foot on the main level, everything was fine. We still don’t know what happened that day, but it still gives us chills to think about.”

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