Burnt Church Ghosts: Huge Dark Shadow

Location: Burnt Church, Nova Scotia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Steve on June 19, 2014:

“I was working in Kennetcook, Nova Scotia and was staying in one of the most beautiful picturest place you could ever imagine of the Bay of Fundy, and these cottages I was staying were right next to a very old lighthouse, that area had a lot of history.

So I noticed the first few nights I was there, light knocking and cold spots inside this cabin. I just passed it off as wind, although I found this place very eerie.

So I worked the night shift and would sleep all day, and that day I was awaken from the feeling the blankets were being pulled off the bed. I didn’t pay much attention, got up, showered and went to work.

The next morning I came back and decided to have breakfast bacon, eggs etc. The TV was on a swinging pedestal over a fridge. So as I’m cooking I decide to put on SportsCenter (a TV show), and I’m looking up at the TV. I can still see in front of me peripherally and there this man appeared no more than a foot in front of me. He was short and bald, tanned colored skin, wearing blue pants and a blue shirt but very old looking clothes. It scared the crap out of me. I jumped back in fear and he just vanished, I thought I was gonna die. lol.

I stayed there for a few more nights but decided to stay in Truro as soon as a room was available.

About two months later I had to go back and I was scared but I was making such good money I went for it but opted to stay in a different cabin. This time working days again I get home, cook dinner and this time this huge dark shadow comes up to the window all black, kind of like a huge ball, comes inside the cabin through the window and goes in my room, and my bed let out the loudest squeak noise like a 500 lb person just sat on it.

I continued to work there for close to a year and had many experiences but I never stepped foot in the other cabin. I never seen that old man again. Thank god.”

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