Churchill Mansion Inn – Haunted Nova Scotia Database


– a criminology student couldn’t find her key to Room 3. When she returned to the room later that day, the key, to her astonishment, was sitting on her pillow! Room 3 used to be Aaron’s bedroom (see his photo on page 1).

– “My girlfriend and I went there and took some pictures and some eerie things turned out. Like one picture I took was in the middle of the day and when I saw the picture the surroundings were nighttime. And when we tried to open the door to the Widow’s Walk it was sealed tight. But then we went downstairs for not even five minutes and when we came back up the door was wide open and a purple gown was lying in front.”

– “Had to stay at Churchill Mansion and didn’t rest very well, only to learn the next day that it has been reported to be haunted.”

  (cont’d) See page 3 for emails sent to us from previous guests at the mansion

WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

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