Ottawa Ghosts: Haunted Victorian Mansion

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Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ghost report from Audrey on November 17, 2016:

“I lived in an old Victorian mansion (cliché, I know) on Powell Avenue in Ottawa. The very first night we moved in, my sisters and I felt something odd, as though we were being observed. The activity started slowly but surely, and increased incrementally every year we lived there. What we experienced daily in that house isn’t something I would have ever believed had I not lived through it.

While we never saw anything as dramatic as an apparition, we experienced just about everything else. Doors shutting and footsteps – always on the floor you weren’t on – were constant. Whenever someone was in the bath on the second floor, you’d hear a knock on the door but, of course, find no one when you opened it.

Many times I would walk into a room or hallway and feel like I was interrupting a conversation. The house had a sense of business about it, as though there were constantly people bustling around, even when it was empty. It was really freaky when the spirits started impersonating voices.

One time, my sister and father were in the kitchen. They heard my mother call my father’s name, as she often did when she wanted something, and without saying a word they migrated their conversation upstairs. I was sitting with my mom in the TV room, and we’d been talking the whole time, no one had called him.

One time in the deep winter, my sister and I were sitting in her room chatting, our parents were out of town and we were alone in the house. We heard footsteps upstairs, and suddenly they turned into LOUD dancing, as though someone was doing an incredibly forceful jig just above our heads. It went from one end of the house to the other, clear as day. It was almost like it was trying to upset us. We ended up running out into the street, we were so afraid.

Another time, I came home from school at lunch and was hurriedly trying to finish my homework before my next class. All of a sudden upstairs, although I was alone in the house, I heard doors slamming and someone running down the stairs. The noises were so loud and real that I freaked out and called my dad at work, who came home immediately to find me shaking on the front porch clutching my dog. He took a knife and searched the whole house for an intruder, but found nothing. A couple of months before we moved, he experienced the exact same thing when he was alone in the house.

It was odd that the spirits finally revealed themselves to him right before we moved, because he had never personally experienced anything in all the 10 years we lived there except in the final few months while we were packing up the house. I think they were upset that we were leaving.

We later found out that a family of women, a mother and two daughters, had lived in the house for decades and all of them died there. The wake for each was held in the living room. We don’t know if the spirits we encountered were them, but it makes sense that they would have been more timid to approach my father than they were approaching myself, my mother or my sisters.

A young family moved into the house after us, and I always wonder whether or not they’ve experienced similar events.

I am grateful that I never actually saw an apparition with my own eyes, but from what I experienced in that house, I can say categorically that ghosts are real and that there is something, whether an afterlife or maybe just another plane of energy, that lingers after death. I am not a religious person, so I find this knowledge oddly comforting.”

Editor’s Note: photo above is depiction only, not actual house.

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