Thunder Bay Ghosts: All The Fish Died

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Donna on July 30, 2014:

“1977, I believe the year the block buster movie arrived, the infamous Amityville Horror show. Till this day, I question myself about the strange events that occurred on one street, one older home, that I volunteered to watch over. Getting to my point…I was to watch over their home.

First night…..Dog refused to enter the home, so much so, my friend watched the dog while they were away.

2nd incident. the cat Rosie, never meowed, was freaking out in the basement,,,never saw the cat again.

3rd… I slept over night in the three-story war-time home…mistake….the little girls room, her over the crib toy was in action.

I went to work, keys went missing, all the fish died. I was at work one day, my friend called me there, she lived 2 doors down. She asked me what I was doing to the house. She actually witnessed the windows blow out, and patio screen. The original paint from the old storm windows was thrown about. I was freaked.. I did stay there, one eye open. Gas stove was turned on, I would turn it off, few minutes later…it was on.

I was going to vacuum, model of the device was a Electoluck. The vacuum nozzle, which was stainless steel, was bent so smooth upward. Not a kink in it. The power nozzle was upright, almost a 300 degrees turn.. Needless to say, they came home, and I had to explain all the damage.

They moved, and till this day, no activity has been documented.

PS. my neighbour still lives in the area. We discuss it, but really try to forget it. Too much to fathom. And that’s it. There was more stuff that happened, however I do not have a publisher yet. Thank you for your time and understanding.”

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