Thunder Bay Ghosts: ‘Hovering in the Corner’

Thunder Bay true ghost story


Location: Thunder Bay, OntarioCanada

Ghost report from Matty:

“In spring of 2014, I went to visit my friend who had recently moved into a new place. She shared a 3 story house with two friends on Crown St near the Hillcrest Park stairs. Thunder Bay is full of old character homes, so nothing really stood out to me initially.

It was the afternoon and she was in the midst of unpacking, so her stuff was awry in her allotted basement space. We were listening to some tunes and chatting away with our mutual friend.

After about an hour of hanging out, I noticed my energy levels started to dip. It was similar to that of having low blood sugar or being exhausted from a long day of work. I brushed it off as nothing and continued helping her set up her electronics.

About 2 or 3 minutes later, I heard this low, static-filled humming sound and there was an unusual pressure on the side of my forehead.

After touching my temple, out of nowhere I was hit with a powerful wave of energy which ran up my back and down my shoulders, almost as if someone gently grazed the tips of their nails on my skin.

I don’t know how else to explain this, but I felt the energy leave my presence and move to the next room. Even typing this is starting to creep me out a bit.

Without hesitation, I got up and walked towards the room. Immediately when I entered I was hit with that same sensation again, only I felt it cover my whole body. Even my toe hairs were standing up!

My eyes were drawn immediately to the top corner of the room, adjacent to the basement stairs. There was a small grey/green mass about the size of a bowling ball that initially looked like a shadow. But after inspecting it closer I realized it was hovering in front of the wall!

After about 3 seconds it then phased slowly into the wall. EEEEK…

I was completely astonished and spent a minute staring at that same spot and compartmentalizing everything. The room was well lit and there were no windows to cast a shadow from outside.

Freaked out, I went outside for a smoke. My friend’s roommates pulled in the driveway and before introducing myself I said, “I know this might sound weird, but your place is definitely haunted”.

Instead of getting the expected response, they gasped and shared with me stories of music being played on the piano by itself and cupboard doors opening on their own. They were extremely excited to hear this random dude validate their experiences.

I don’t consider myself a skeptic, but I try my best to rule out everything before jumping to conclusions. The presence didn’t necessarily make me feel afraid, but the energy that encapsulated it was strong and grounded.

To this day, after years of urban traverses and visiting abandoned asylums and hospitals, I’ve never quite felt anything like I did in that house.”

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Thunder Bay Ghosts: Haunted Farmhouse and Land

Thunder Bay ghosts farmhouse


Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Megan on Sept 6, 2016:

“I was living in Thunder Bay, Ontario when these “incidents” occurred and that was back in 1990 to 1996. We had just moved into a farmhouse with 110 acres of land — 5 acres which was cleared and the other 105 acres was bush/forest.

After about a week we decided to explore the forested land and we came across some really odd things. First, we came upon a vehicle that looked just about brand new. It was a 1946 Chev Fleetline and I’m not kidding when I say it was in perfect shape. The chrome was as shiny as a dime, no scratches, but it had one small dent on the passenger door as if a baseball had hit it.

The odd thing about it is there’s no way this vehicle was driven there in recent time. The trees surrounding it were older, each one approx. 12 inches wide and 150 feet tall with absolutely no room to drive a vehicle in. Also, the ground was spongy moss with lots of brush, no tire tracks anywhere. We found this so odd. It was like the vehicle was dropped from the sky.

We found odds and ends in the vehicle and I found a small diary in the glove box. The first entry was dated April 28, 1938, and notations about an impending war. There was a name at the beginning of the diary, but for privacy reasons I prefer not to mention it. The strange thing about the name on the diary is it’s our last name AND my husband’s first name, James. Is that freaky or what? And that is not the name of the people who we bought the home from.

I tried to get a hold of the previous owners and she mentioned that her brother (age 84) had passed since we bought the home and she had no idea who the name on the diary was nor anything about a car being in the forest. She also told us that her brother who owned the home for 40 years had mentioned that there was the original homestead on the property, but she didn’t know where.

So a couple of weekends later we had a housewarming party and my husband and I and four other couples took a walk through the forest to try and find this homestead. Our guests’ mouths dropped open when we reached the old car that we had found earlier and couldn’t believe the condition it was in. “Jeff” said that’s impossible. Someone must have painted it in not too earlier before, but we had no indication of that by the ground around it. We ended up selling it to him later that month.

So back to the forest… We found the homestead and it was right beside a small river or creek. It had a hand pump with actual spring water. Although it had seen better days, the inside was relatively in good shape. Possibly a squatter over the years had been there because we found some newer name-brand canned foods and other things that were placed there from that time period of the 90’s, like a wind-up 70s clock, some plaid shirts, Fruit of Loom underwear, etc., so recent stuff.

But, there were also many old rusted items that we found in a storage addition at the back of the home, things I didn’t know what they were but my husband and his friends knew, many things attributed a blacksmith like farrier tools (tanged rasp, hoof nippper, nail clincer, a trammel points, etc) and a beautiful old Seaton tool box and many, many other 18th century tools and large equipment. Our friends said you hit a gold mine and later it proved to be true, but that’s another story. There was also a diagram of the anatomy of horse legs, so I’m sure he was a farrier/blacksmith.

There was also an old chest under all the ruble and I loved it, so I asked my husband to bring it back to the house because I was going to re-finish it. Later, when I replaced the lining I found a plastic bag hidden in the lining with postcards and also hundreds and hundreds of date-stamped stamps from all over the world, but mainly Germany (1945-46), some military metals, etc.

So now that I’ve explained what we found, the idea of doing “ghost hunting” or any of the type of stuff they do now was really not heard of in the 90s, not like it is now. So when one of the members in our party had asked if they could come back at night with their tape recorder and explained what they wanted to do, my husband and I laughed and I remember saying to him “You’re not serious are you”? I said “Whatever turns your crank”.

They came back the following weekend and they went to the homestead. They came knocking at our door and said, “You’ve got to listen to this”.

They proceeded to play the tape recording and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was a woman’s voice that said, “We need the Carlson’s pig”, whatever that meant. It was like she was carrying on a conversation with someone and didn’t know our friends were in her home.

Over the next few years they kept coming back and would play what they recorded. I was so freaked out and I pleaded with them to please tell me the truth. Were they hoaxing us? They were adamant they weren’t and that we could go back there with them. Well I didn’t want to go there at night and I said if there are ghosts there I can’t see whether it mattered if it was daytime or nighttime so I said I would go during the day and my husband and I did.

I couldn’t believe it. They caught all kinds of voices on the tape, but I also heard things with my own ears like someone snoring, like they were sleeping. I heard a woman’s cough and I saw fleeting dark shadows darting here and there. I was so scared I left them and walked back to my home.

While I was on the bush path I thought my husband was walking behind me so I was starting to talk to him and when I turned no one was there. I didn’t hear anything other than the normal sounds of a bush like birds chirping, wind, things like that. But I saw a couple of dark shadows going from tree to tree about 30 feet behind me. God, I was so scared I ran back so fast and locked my door. This was 2:00 in the afternoon.

Well all the years I was always a skeptic of anything to do with ghosts or ufo’s, but within the five years we owned that property our friends had so many tapes of recorded things. I couldn’t believe it. It would take me all day to write down all the strange things that happened to us at that time and the odd structures and symbols we found on that property.

When things began happening in our home that’s when I was done. I couldn’t live there anymore and we ended up selling the property and it had all started when I brought that stupid chest in the house to refinish it. I started to feel really strange and things like lights going on and off on their own, tapping on our bedroom window, my bathtub filled up one day only to come home to a flood of water that soaked the bathroom and the hallway floor AND there was NO PLUG in the tub. How could that be?? Pictures that just fell off the wall in our spare bedroom and I had a beautiful large mirror that my mum had given us and we found it smashed on the living room floor when we came back from groceries one day. Things were happening on a daily basis.

We had four dogs and two cats because we took in rescue animals and all of them, although they were in kennels outside, started to get ill within a short period of time… this went on for the next few years.

One night my husband went on a fishing trip for a couple of days and I had a girlfriend stay over and I had fallen asleep on the couch. I awoke during the night to my ankle being grabbed. It was like someone had placed a bag of ice cubes on my ankle. I awoke instantly and the living room was very dark, but at the end of the couch I had a recliner and I saw a very dark shape sitting in that chair.

It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust because I thought it was my girlfriend who also fell asleep because that’s where she was sitting, but the figure was so much larger than a woman because she was a tiny thing, so I knew it wasn’t her.

So I shut my eyes and screamed her name at the top of my lungs and she ran in a few moments later asking what the hell happened. I told her what I saw and she kept saying you must have dreamt it, but I didn’t. I know what I saw.

Well that was the last straw. We sold the house the next month and we left everything that we had found on that property (that we hadn’t sold) exactly where we found it. I even had my husband put the chest back in the homestead.

I know that you have much more frightening stories on this blog, but you had to go through what we went through those many years ago and I will never make fun of anyone who believes in spirits. I’m a believer.”

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Thunder Bay Ghosts: All The Fish Died

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Donna on July 30, 2014:

“1977, I believe the year the block buster movie arrived, the infamous Amityville Horror show. Till this day, I question myself about the strange events that occurred on one street, one older home, that I volunteered to watch over. Getting to my point…I was to watch over their home.

First night…..Dog refused to enter the home, so much so, my friend watched the dog while they were away.

2nd incident. the cat Rosie, never meowed, was freaking out in the basement,,,never saw the cat again.

3rd… I slept over night in the three-story war-time home…mistake….the little girls room, her over the crib toy was in action.

I went to work, keys went missing, all the fish died. I was at work one day, my friend called me there, she lived 2 doors down. She asked me what I was doing to the house. She actually witnessed the windows blow out, and patio screen. The original paint from the old storm windows was thrown about. I was freaked.. I did stay there, one eye open. Gas stove was turned on, I would turn it off, few minutes later…it was on.

I was going to vacuum, model of the device was a Electoluck. The vacuum nozzle, which was stainless steel, was bent so smooth upward. Not a kink in it. The power nozzle was upright, almost a 300 degrees turn.. Needless to say, they came home, and I had to explain all the damage.

They moved, and till this day, no activity has been documented.

PS. my neighbour still lives in the area. We discuss it, but really try to forget it. Too much to fathom. And that’s it. There was more stuff that happened, however I do not have a publisher yet. Thank you for your time and understanding.”

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