Welland Ghosts: Man Haunts Streets

Location: Welland, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Aurora on July 29, 2014:

“It was a few weeks before Christmas in 2011. It was after midnight. My friend Jenna and I were driving to a party. When we turned down the 100 block of River Road, after driving a few metres, we saw a young guy with long dark hair and goth/punk style dress standing outside of a duplex just staring at the house with his hands in his pockets. Jenna pulled over and rolled down her window and asked him if he was lost or if he needed a ride (it was snowing and at least minus 10 that night, and he was dressed for spring) He turned around and stared right at her but did not respond.She asked if he was okay and then he vanished.

We both totally freaked and Jenna had to get her head together for a few minutes before she started driving again. As the shock slowly faded I noticed I started feeling this thick, unexplained sadness. Jenna and I barely spoke for the rest of the ride, its like we didn’t want to admit what just happened.

When we got to the party I couldn’t even smile. After about a half hour of what I would call some rather forced mingling, I found Jenna and pulled her aside to explain what I was feeling, and she said that she too was feeling really heavy and blue.There were some really cute guys there that were trying to chat both of us up, but neither of us could switch the flirts on, or even be that responsive, we were just so messed up from what had happened. We gave up and called it a night not long after 1 am.

Jenna made a point of doing a detour so we could avoid River Road, and I spent the night at her house where neither of us got a decent sleep. Jenna and I both agreed not to go near River Road at night until further notice.

We slowly stopped talking about the incident as Christmas approached – I had a strange dream of the ghost guy in early mid January 2012 (the following month). He was speaking in a low, secretive tone that conveyed sadness and regret.The whole duration of the dream, he was facing away from me, seated on a bench on the same block he appeared to us. On the bench next to him, I could see several pages full of writing. I told Jenna and she said she also dreamed of him, except in her dream, he was trying to talk to this short blonde girl, who seemed way too busy and uninterested to pay much attention to him. We both wondered if his spirit was projecting these images in our dreams as clues, we just didn’t know what to do about it.

Again we slowly turned our focus away from him. Several months later, in late June, Jenna and I were out at Nickel Beach in the nearby town of Port Colborne with three other girls. It was a hot, humid day, and we figured we’d enjoy some time on the beach with some food and a few beers. I reached into a bag of pretzels, and then looked up and saw the guy about 10 metres away from us, walking slowly along the shore, staring straight down at the sand, once again with his hands in his pockets. I immediately felt heavy, and I guess my face changed, because Jenna immediately knew something was up and asked me what was going on. All I could do was whisper, “It’s him” Jenna’s face fell and she slowly turned her head and saw him too.The other girls started asking what was going on. Jenna said quietly “See that man?” The other three one by one caught a glimpse and slowly confirmed one by one. Jenna paused and then continued, “Aurora and I saw him one night last December…pretty sure he’s a ghost…”

The other three girls all went quiet for a few seconds and then one of them let out a weak, desperate-sounding “Ohhmygodd…” The man stopped and looked at us, and the other three girls started panicking. Jenna chimed in “Hey! You! We saw you before! What is going on with you?!” He looked down at the sand and then looked back at Jenna. “Answer her” I said to him shakily. He then looked at me. He looked as if he was about to begin talking, but instead he turned and began to walk in the other direction.”Hey! I asked you a question!” shouted Jenna. After she finished the word “question” he phased out into thin air just like the time before. We all felt unwell.

The other three girls were especially disturbed. I feel like Jenna and I were primed from the last experience, but we were still uneasy. We all began packing up and left the beach quite quickly.

We pretty much kept it between the five of us, but one night a few months later still, I was at a pub in Niagara Falls with Jenna and Keely (one of the three girls that saw the guy with us on Nickel Beach) ,and we overheard a guy telling a girl rather loudly and animatedly, that he had just seen a ghost earlier that evening as he was just getting ready to drive over from Port Colborne. I jumped in and told him we had all seen a ghost in the Niagara area too and asked him to describe the ghost to us. The description was spot on. I felt queasy and we all went quiet. Jenna piped up “Yes we’ve seen him too!” Where was he? The guy said he saw the ghost on Catherine Street approaching an alley with a stairway which leads to some small apartments near a Beer Store. Apparently the guy had asked the ghost if he had a lighter and the ghost gave him a long stare before disappearing. “That’s our guy” said Jenna coyly.

We shared our experiences with the guy and the girl, and exchanged numbers with them so we could get in touch again if needed. We figured three sightings was enough to warrant further investigation and so we started to do some research. We talked to as many people in the area as we could, and most people said the man certainly didn’t fit the description of anyone that lived in the area, many also saying his style and looks were unusual for Niagara. A few people claimed they remembered seeing a young man fitting his description in the Summers of 2010 and 2011, either alone, or with a petite blonde woman, some saw him in Port Colborne, others in Welland.

It was eventually brought to light that the blonde woman was a long time resident of Port Colborne (though she had also lived in Welland), and the young man was her younger brother. Apparently they were separated at a very young age and he had been raised in British Columbia, she in the Niagara Region of Ontario. We were told by one woman that the brother and sister had had a falling out and she had lost touch with him later in 2011. We unfortunately could not get a lead on how to get in touch with the sister, as apparently, she moves around a lot and rarely keeps the same address or phone number for more than 6 months. This lead us to believe that the house on River Road, as well as the small apartment on Catherine Street were places the sister lived while the man was still alive.

It is unknown exactly when, how or where he died, but it looks like he can’t bring himself to carry on without making up with his sister. After we gathered all this information, we revisited the places we saw him, as well as the alley on Catherine St, and although he did not appear we spoke aloud to the man, telling him he was a good brother and that his sister loved and missed him very much.

He did not ever appear to us in those areas or anywhere else again. We also did not hear of anyone else seeing him again. Its hard to say if he heard us and
carried on, but I did have a dream several months later that involved him simply smiling and saying “Thank You”

The others never saw him and none of them reported having dreamed of him either. I do not know if the man’s sister ever found out about him, sadly we were never able to track her down. Oh well…rest in peace little brother…”

UPDATE: We have had a similar report in the area here.  However, please be aware that this could possibly be a hoax: both stories sent to us indicated a different email address and name, however, they both came from the SAME IP address and are both written in the SAME way with similiar descriptive words etc…

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