Edmonton Ghosts: The Calls Of One Lonely Loon

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Rose on June 28, 2014:

“My mother-in-law passed away at mid-age unexpectedly in another province. She had been the only child from a second marriage and had been bitterly divorced from my father-in-law. My husband flew out to finalize her burial and quickly found no one knew what her last wishes would have been. Distraught, my husband turned to me asking what should be done. I really had no clue and felt uneasy making that decision for someone else. I suggested to my husband that her plans were to one day come to Alberta to be close to us. I just wanted him home. I suggested he should bring her ashes back with him.

We were a young couple with little money with one young son and another on the way. I thought to myself…my mother-in-law would never know our second child…. how sad.

We decided when my husband got home to spread my mother-in-law’s ashes in a beautiful lake area close by where we enjoyed family walks. We walked down the trail for quite sometime. It was an overcast misty day. There was not a noise to be heard… only the sound of a loon calling on the distant lake. A continuous lonely haunting call. We spread her ashes and walked back out… again only hearing the calls of one lonely loon.

Our second son was born. close to the anniversary of my mother-in-law’s passing. I suggested we walk into the lake area and lay roses down for her. We had a measly ten dollars left in the bank before payday. We bought roses for just under ten dollars and set out on our walk. About half an hour into the walk, and not a
soul around, we came upon a ten-dollar bill in the middle of the trail.

On another occasion I took our two boys, now preschoolers, and dog for a walk out to the lake area. We were about to leave and the kids wanted to throw rocks into the lake at the water’s edge. I turned to put our backpack in the car and leash the dog back up. To my amazement a lone loon had surfaced not more than a few feet off shore in front of my boys. Even with a barking dog on the end of a leash the loon calmly looked at the boys for a moment with her red eyes and then disappeared gently back under the water.

Three experiences on three separate occasions. This was way past coincidence in my mind.

Although I’m not of Aboriginal descent, I tried to find some meaning in these experiences. Some reasoning. The loon in Aboriginal culture represents a messenger of peace and is admired for strong family bonds.

I had always felt unsure if we had made the right decision about spreading her ashes at the beautiful lake area. I also felt sad that she had not lived to know my sons and them know her. She would have been a wonderful loving grandma to my boys. To reconcile this in my mind…I’ve taken the experiences with the single loon as her approval on both accounts.”

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