Chatham Ghosts: And Then I Saw Him

Location: Chatham, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Cecilia on July 1, 2014:

“My home is quaint and near the river in a quiet sub division. We have lived here for about 21 years. It is a very historic area which includes the War of 1812. My property was owned by Captain William Baker and the Eberts Family of Orchard Place. There used to be a family cemetery across the road that was obliterated when they built the brick yard. I have all the paperwork showing who owned my property all the way back to The Crown. The story begins.

The children were just starting school. It all began after a small renovation in the basement. I would see gray wispy shadows run along the walls. Music players without aid of any kind would play by themselves. Toys would be moved etc. I didn’t think much of it and dismissed most of it until other things started happening.

My hair would be pulled, my clothes were tugged on and then I saw him. He was a big man with a dirty undershirt, suspenders, a big belly and greenish work pants. After research I concluded he was a third stage ghost. I tried to contact him and to my surprise I got a few EVPs which the first one really frightened me. That’s when I had the house investigated for the first time.

After that things calmed down for quite some time. I told my parents what was going on and my Dad confided in me that he was also touched in the basement. I also had a customer out of the blue tell me that there was a man in my house who likes to run heavily up and down the stairs. Another confirmation.

So now the worse things start to happen. My children were starting to tell me things that were disturbing. My oldest would hear things and see shadows going through his door, he was afraid to stay home alone; he also heard the footsteps on the stairs. My youngest would say “don’t let the ghost get me”.

Just a year ago we would come home and things would be thrown about the house. We hear music playing and see white shadows. We have all woken up with 3 scratches on our leg somewhere.

I called to have the same team come in again; mistake. They captured evidence,. or so they said. When the lady came in she stopped and said “There is a man in your house and he is hiding”. They used Mel and K2 meters. They both spiked twice when someone’s name was said. They felt sick on the stairs, they were touched and heard growling. When it was placed online for every one to see they debunked every thing. I don’t understand. What are they afraid of? I am the one that has to live here.

There is much more to tell but I will stop for now. Things happen when I tell people about my experiences.”

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