Help for the Psychic Medium – How to Shield and Cleanse


Loop Your Energy

Place your big toes side by side so that they are touching each other. You can do this with or without shoes on. Or, just place your big toes over each other. Then, also touch both of your thumbs together. While holding your toes and thumbs in this manner, it closes your energy into a loop, and keeps outside energies from getting inside your loop. This is something you would do whenever you feel the spirit is getting too close for comfort. It will make it more difficult to latch onto you. You can also say a prayer, chant, or words of power while doing this to bring you strength if you feel it is needed.

Shield Yourself: Get Into Your Bubble

You will need to practice this several times before you start to feel this working. Although, many feel it start working right away when they first try it. Visualization and focus on your part is needed for this to work well. The more you practice, the better you will get at it. You may feel at first that it isn’t working, or that this won’t work or seems like a silly thing to do. But rest assured, if you keep practicing it then it WILL work eventually! Once you get good at doing this then it will only take a few seconds …

Keep your eyes open, and picture a bubble of a very bright white light encompassing you from head to foot. The more you practice this, the stronger and brighter your “shield” will get.

Nothing, not even demons, should be able to get past your shield. When your shield is up, say prayers, chant or words of power. Words of power must state your will (ie. leave me alone) and can also be any words or sentences that you believe will protect you. If you believe in the power of Christ then I would suggest the Lord’s Prayer, or St.Michael’s Protection Prayer. Or even saying something as simple as “Although I walk through the valley of death, I shall fear no evil.”  Whatever works for you depending on your belief system.

Cleansing: How to Smudge

The best way I can recommend on how to cleanse yourself (especially after visiting a house/building with a dark or heavy infestation of spirits) is by smudging.

I was taught how to properly smudge by an Aboriginal spiritual adviser on Manitoulin Island (island of the Great Spirit) in Ontario, Canada. As well as by an archaeologist on a different occasion.

Smudging, in my opinion, is the best way to cleanse your aura/spirit/psyche (whatever you call it in your belief system) and clear out your vibrations from any stragglers that might have latched onto you after an investigation or visitation. Smudging is also good to do if you are depressed or are down.

Smudging just means to use smoke from burning herbs to cleanse your aura/spirit/soul. Choose one or more cleansing or protection herbs that you feel will work. Place it in a fire-safe container/dish with a charcoal tablet (often found in hardware stores, new age shops, occult shops, etc..), then light it up. You can also use incense sticks or incense cones if you don’t want to use herbs. Move the smoke around the entire outline of your body (sides, front and back) from head to foot. Wave the smoke around your body with your hands (as if you were fanning yourself on a hot day) or you can use a feather instead. But your hands will work just as well.

Also be sure to wave the smoke in front of all your senses (head, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.). You can say a prayer, chant, or say words of power while doing this to make it even stronger.

You don’t have to use genuine Aboriginal or First Nation smudge sticks, although they are always the best in my opinion. But any herb with strong cleansing or protection properties will work. Most Aboriginal or First Nation smudge sticks often comprise of sage and cedar — and sweetgrass added in is also common. Smudge sticks are a bundle of herbs that have been tied together. With smudge sticks you can either just burn the end (no need for charcoal) or pull out some of the herbs and put it into a large sea shell or fire-safe dish and burn it (no charcoal needed). If you are doing this outside, then it is also a good idea to give a pinch of tobacco to the nature spirits before doing this to show your respect — for that is the Aboriginal and First Nations way.

If you cannot get a hold of any genuine smudge sticks then here is a list of herbs that can be burned for its smoke to use for smudging. These have been used by many cultures around the world over the ages for cleansing and protection from troublesome spirits…

Bay leaves:
It was hung at the highest point in the home to protect against negative entities. Burning bay leaves while praying or chanting was often used to exorcise spirits and demons from haunted dwellings and the possessed. The smoke from burning bay leaves was used to touch all four corners of a room to purify and cleanse it of hostile energies.

The incense cones, sticks and oil are used more than the fresh, as not only is fresh Frankincense hard to find but can be expensive for most folks. The smoke and scent protects and purifies/cleanses. Used by the Catholic Church and the early ancient Egyptians. Frankincense incense sticks can be found at new age stores, occult shops, or pretty much anywhere incense is sold. Smudge yourself with the smoke. If you have ever been to a High Mass in the Catholic Church, do you remember seeing the priests walk down the isle while swinging a large medal/gold container on a chain filled with incense? Well often the incense they use is Frankincense. Frankincense (with Myrrh) was the incense that the wise men brought to baby Jesus when he was born. Frankincense is a very powerful cleansing and purifying herb used throughout the ages.

Rosemary is one of the oldest incenses. It is often used as a substitute for Frankincense when you can’t get it. And it also smells like Frankincense when burned. When burned, rosemary emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations. For those wondering, yes, I am talking about the rosemary that you buy in the grocery store to add taste to your chicken or lamb. If you can get it fresh and dry it out yourself then that is even better, or if you have grown it yourself. But, if need be then you can also use the dried out rosemary found in the spice aisle of your local grocery store.

One of the sacred trees to the ancient Celts. Was used as a charm against evil spirits in the Scottish Highlands — and likely used in Ireland for the same purpose. Rowan trees were often found growing beside homesteads all over the Highlands for powerful protection energies. In North America, Rowan is called “Mountain Ash”. Just one word of caution, the berries are toxic so don’t touch or burn them. There is much lore about Rowan in the old Celtic mythos. Highly revered for protection against all sorts of trouble.

The incense was burned in exorcisms and for protection. The dust made from the wood was burned in temples as incense. Sandalwood is also easily found as incense sticks wherever incense is sold.

Although I wouldn’t suggest burning garlic due to the stench — unless if you want to pull out the big guns then go for it! Garlic has been used by many cultures in the form of whole cloves or powdered for strong banishing and protective qualities. It is widely believed to banish hostile forces. In ancient Scotland, garlic bulbs were hung over all doors and windows to keep negative spirits from entering during Halloween.

A powerful cleansing effect when lit. White sage is said to be the purest and easiest to burn, and has the sweetest smell of all the sages. The main ingredient used in Aboriginal and First Nations traditional “smudge sticks”. Sage is a sacred herb that has been used for thousands of years, and is seen by Aboriginal and First Nations as one of the three sisters. It is said that it’s smoke is prayer made visible. NOTE: Although sage is used in traditional smudge sticks and is great for breaking up negative energy and is a spiritual cleanser, sage on it’s own won’t really do much to help drive away spirits. You will need to couple sage with other herbs listed on this page.

The smoke from cedar is a strong cleanser and purifying. The twigs are often used as an incense. Often used along with other herbs for the creation of sacred spaces. Used by many cultures for these purposes. Often used, along with sage and sometimes sweetgrass, in Aboriginal and First Nations traditional “smudge sticks”.

A sacred herb to First Nations in North America. It isn’t particularly seen as an herb that “rids” or “banishes” negative energies per say. It would be more accurate to say that it is seen more as an herb that “attracts” positive energies and positive vibrations. Often used, along with sage and sometimes cedar, in Aboriginal and First Nations traditional “smudge sticks”.

And lastly, here are some other options…

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10 thoughts on “Help for the Psychic Medium – How to Shield and Cleanse

  1. I found this article 100% fasanating and to be truthfull i have done this , i used to be scared of this dream that never went away til i faced it! I hear and feel things all the time. Now i stay strong in my belief system anytime im in another bad spirit mean dream. Or feel uneasy! Thank you thank you Thank you!!

  2. I recently have gotten out of prison and when I arrives back home I started noticing little things like bad smells and missing keys door slamming I’m scared
    my husband past away 4 years ago my dogs bark at nothing in the middle of the nite I am scared please give me some advice please email me.

  3. I’m wondering if the saying about poltergeists only bother children at a certain age. I always have activity when ever I move to a new home, as tho something or someone is reminding me that they are still there, or has successfully moved with me. It lasts a short time, nevertheless can be terrifying. I have a long history of seeing “shadow people”, since about the age of five, and I was in my early thirties before I found out thousands of people have seen them, which includes the exact types. None have been kind in nature.

    1. Hi Rae thank you for your comment. If it moves or makes a noise then it is classified as a poltergeist. The bit about poltergeists and adolescents is a hypothesis that has been put forth when the poltergeist activity is believed to be caused by psychokinetic (PK) energy from a living person, and not caused by an entity (ghost, spirit, etc..). However, PK can occur at any age, so can all the other forms of poltergeist activity. PK is basically energy that is released (mostly in bursts) when you repress something, and it causes objects to move or turn on etc.. It is very rare though but has been documented. Hope this answers your question. Have a great day:)

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