Vancouver Ghosts: I Heard Someone Whisper My Name

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Katy on June 1, 2014:

“I’ve always been around people who dealt with ghosts/told ghost stories, especially growing up. One of the first times I actually seen a ghost was when I was 11, I was sitting in my bedroom – It was dark, I had the lights out and I remember feeling the sudden urge to turn my head, and I did. And just as I did that I saw the largest orb I’ve ever seen. I froze, and I remember just staring at it for what felt like centuries before it flew across the room and disappeared.

Another weird story was that my friend was moving out, I was helping her move, I think I was 13 at this time.. My friend and her dad took the last of the boxes and it was just me in the house. Prior to this my friend and her dad always talked about ghosts, said they felt they were haunted but it was just something I sort of shrugged off. So, just me being in the room I turned around and there was a plastic grocery bag, and I remember I was going to pick it up and it started moving, like literally like someone had it between their hands and they started squishing it. I saw the entire thing, freaked me out.

One more: I was 16, my mom was asleep and it was dark out, probably around 12 AM and it was around late December. I had some tea and I was walking upstairs to my bedroom before I heard someone whisper my name, multiple times it seemed, in my ear. It was almost like it had an echo, it just kept repeating itself.. “Katy, Katy”.

Before that I’ve seen shadow people in that exact hallway while walking to my bedroom – perhaps I’ll share those stories next.”

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