Help for the Psychic Medium – How to Shield and Cleanse



I always recommend to first tell the spirit or entity to leave you alone. Tell them that they are bothering you. If you are being visited by different spirits on a consistent basis then you need to draw the line eventually. Tell them that your bedroom and washroom/bathroom are safe zones, and that they are not allowed to visit you there. You need to get sleep and they cannot be bothering you while you are trying to sleep.

Any spirit or entity that has good intentions will follow your rules. If they don’t respect your rules then they are either up to no good OR they are very fixated on getting their message to you. If they refuse to respect your wishes, then you must remember that being afraid of them will, in essence, hand your power over to them. In a big way, you are willing them (allowing them) to continue in this manner with you because you are “giving in” so to speak. I know this might be difficult to hear, but when you fear something you are also submitting to it. Don’t hand your power over to them.

Besides, if you continually allow yourself to be afraid of them then you will lose sleep for one — which will eventually break you down and they will have an easier time controlling you (and getting inside your head) if you are sleep deprived. They will find it easier to “wear you down”, so to speak. If you are in a situation like this, then it is very important to get your sleep and eat healthy.

Do whatever you need to do to get over your fear. Even if that means sleeping with the light on for a few nights — or weeks. Eventually you should get less and less afraid and eventually get sick of it and turn your light off and go to sleep — just as long as you are actively working towards getting over your fear. If that means getting out your teddy bear to sleep with for a few weeks from when you were a child — then do it! If you believe in the power of holy water and a crucifix, then bring those to bed with the bear too. Whatever works!

Really search your soul and ask yourself WHY are you afraid? What are you afraid will happen? It is my opinion that nothing can take your soul unless you let it. If you believe that it is impossible for anything to take your soul then you are likely correct.

And being afraid is, in a sense, letting it do what it wants to you. Being afraid is like saying “do with me what you will, I give up”. Especially if you are stuck in “flight mode” or so scared of it that you can’t move. You need to get into “fight mode”, so to speak. I’m not saying to get all confrontational with it, but do put your foot down and don’t let it get the better of you.

No matter which way you look at it, even if you disagree with what I am saying, being afraid of the spirits that visit you is a recipe for disaster. Surely we can agree on that. And whether the spirit is “real” or just your imagination, either way being afraid will make things escalate.

If you can’t get over your fear on your own, then you MUST seek help before it gets worse. You can try contacting your clergy or perhaps another psychic medium. And, yes, there is always the possibility that you might need a psychiatrist instead. I am not saying you are crazy, but sometimes finding a psychiatrist that is open-minded to spirits or believes in ghosts can help you tremendously in getting over your fear of spirits.


If spirits are drawn to you then you will also find that you are more than likely drawn to them as well. Be aware of this! If you pass by a house or building and have an overwhelming desire to go inside — is it because you are “picking up” on a spirit? This in itself isn’t bad, however, it can be if the spirit or entity inside is up to no good. What I am saying is that if a desperate or malevolent spirit is trying to gain control of you, or has selfish intentions, then they will often try to lure you in other ways once they figure out that they cannot control you through fear. In particularly they will work towards making you obsessed with them. Before you know it, all you can think about is visiting them again and again. This is how they latch onto you.

Now, not all spirits or entities want to latch onto you. I am only referring to the ones that have this as their goal. Their reasons for wanting to do this varies. Some are just really lonely, or they want human interaction. And others have more sinister reasons.

My point here is to be aware if you are slowly becoming obsessed with a certain spirit or haunted location. If you are not giving your power/will away over to them by being afraid of them, then you can also do it by becoming obsessed with them or by becoming so involved in “helping” them. I am not saying not to help a spirit — I am saying to simply be aware if it is consuming you and you start to find that it is taking up a lot of your time each day.

Now, for the methods….

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10 thoughts on “Help for the Psychic Medium – How to Shield and Cleanse

  1. I found this article 100% fasanating and to be truthfull i have done this , i used to be scared of this dream that never went away til i faced it! I hear and feel things all the time. Now i stay strong in my belief system anytime im in another bad spirit mean dream. Or feel uneasy! Thank you thank you Thank you!!

  2. I recently have gotten out of prison and when I arrives back home I started noticing little things like bad smells and missing keys door slamming I’m scared
    my husband past away 4 years ago my dogs bark at nothing in the middle of the nite I am scared please give me some advice please email me.

  3. I’m wondering if the saying about poltergeists only bother children at a certain age. I always have activity when ever I move to a new home, as tho something or someone is reminding me that they are still there, or has successfully moved with me. It lasts a short time, nevertheless can be terrifying. I have a long history of seeing “shadow people”, since about the age of five, and I was in my early thirties before I found out thousands of people have seen them, which includes the exact types. None have been kind in nature.

    1. Hi Rae thank you for your comment. If it moves or makes a noise then it is classified as a poltergeist. The bit about poltergeists and adolescents is a hypothesis that has been put forth when the poltergeist activity is believed to be caused by psychokinetic (PK) energy from a living person, and not caused by an entity (ghost, spirit, etc..). However, PK can occur at any age, so can all the other forms of poltergeist activity. PK is basically energy that is released (mostly in bursts) when you repress something, and it causes objects to move or turn on etc.. It is very rare though but has been documented. Hope this answers your question. Have a great day:)

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