Ottawa Ghosts: I Would Feel It Touch My Face

Michelle McKay ghosts paranormal haunted

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Nasha on May 30, 2014:

“I lived on Lafayette Private in Gloucester from three years old till about 21. In the beginning years, there wasn’t much to say about the place. As we got older, my parents stopped sleeping in the master bedroom, rather they stayed in the living room. During this time, I would have night nightmares, usually about trying to go down the stairs, but something would stand in front of the door trying to grab me; it always looked like a giant “evil” face. I had this nightmare continuously, until I started sleeping in there.

When I started sleeping in there, I would feel it touch my face and whisper to me; usually call my name. The story is too long to write it all. I will just say that it did try to grab my leg after many years of sleeping there; that was the last night anyone stayed in that room (that is a story in itself).

We stayed, until the fire, that I was warned about the night before, but did not understand at the time.

I have wondered if the new residents have ever had a similar experience there, but have yet had the chance to ask.”

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